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Osomatsu-san was produced commemorating Akatsuka Fujio-sensei’s 80-year-old birthday(゜∇ ゜)!

Actually, this is not the original anime. The original one was being televised in 1966Σ(°д°lll)!!! Then in 1988, the second one was televised as ‘Osomatsu-Kun’. And here we are! The third comeback one after 27 years’ interval, which it’s called ‘Osomatsu-san’, shows us a story about the adulthood of sextuplets, who used to be sextuplets boys in the original ‘Osomatsu-Kun’.

In this anime, even though the sextuplets brothers (Matsuno Osomatsu and the other five) are grown-up, they spend all of their time in idle amusement! Yes, it’s a surreal life, isn’t it? Even though it is just a regular gag anime, you will never get tired of it with, so called, black jokes (like satirize societies) or various anime parodies. Especially in episode 1, there were actually so many kinds of anime parodies that I was able to enjoy it a lot, even though I hadn’t expected that episode 1 would be interesting. ( *´艸`)! (Actually, there were too many parodies that they had some problems later on though...)

Even though the sextuplets brothers are so alike that we cannot tell which is which, each boy has each character!

The oldest brother, Osomatsu, always does stupid things even though he makes plans beforehand. The second oldest brother, Karamatsu, always wants to look cool (We call ‘Chuunibyo’ in Japanese which means ‘behaving in a way characteristic of teenagers going through puberty) and keeps saying affected lines. The third oldest brother, Choromatsu, works hard on doing ‘tsukkomi’ part, which means digging into his brothers’ eccentric behaviors. The forth oldest brother, Ichimatsu, has a crooked mind and always says sarcasms. The fifth oldest brother, Juushimatsu, is an adult with boy’s-like mind and so, is called ‘a cheerful lunatic’. The youngest brother, Todomatsu, is streetwise and loved by everybody. Also, as he is good at communicating with people, he has more girl-friends than any of his brothers.

While all their faces are identical in the original ‘Osomatsu-Kun’, they have their own feature in this ‘Osomatsu-san’, which enables us to tell which is which by their appearances.

(●´∀`)σ My ‘Oshi-Matsu’ (the character that I recommend) is Choromatsu! His biggest special feature, ‘tsukkomi’ is what presents him!

Anyways, this anime shows so many ‘boke’ (eccentric behaviors or remarks) (*`д´)σ=σ! That’s why we sometimes can’t keep up with the story lines... But! Here he comes! Choromatsu is the only character who can do ‘tsukkomi’ to them! He does tsukkomi even the situation is so strange! But since he is actually a kind man, he ends up cooperating with them, not being able to restrain their strange energies... (He sometimes even becomes a victim of the case too...) You can sympathize with him, right? (o'ω`σ)σ!!

Especially, he plays an active role in episode 3 m9(`・ω・´)っ! Anyways! It’s so... hilarious (and terrible) so please watch this anime at least until episode 3! Please note that they announced that episode 1 is not going to be in DVD since there were some problems in the episode! Don’t forget to check out everything from episode 1 though!

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