[Boys Love (Yaoi) : R18] Komaeda Nagito

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He is not a main character, but he is the most impressive character for me.

Probably, everyone who just began playing game may put him upon somebody. And I thought in the same way as you once, too. But this thought will be shattered when you play chapter1.Because he is an intensive character and is very “insane”. That “insane” character is his best fascination!

He also plays outstandingly in Doujinshi! Because he takes action that nobody expect in many cases, the gag is very interesting when he is here! He often leads Hinata Hajime and Naegi Makoto around by the nose and mess around with them.

He loves “hope” but he hates “despair”As the story of Dangun Ronpa2 progresses, his abnormality will stand out.It is hard to imagine Danganronpa 2 without him! I think it is due to him that Danganronpa2 became interesting

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