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Speaking of a cartoonist character in anime or manga, which one would you imagine?
Bakuman? Or Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun? Guess what? There’s a worldly famous one which appears in Jojo Part 4: Diamond Is Unbreakable. too!

Yes, his name is ‘Kishibe Rohan’!! Not only is the speed of his drawing manga No.1 in the world but his arrogant attitude is also No.1 in the world! But remember! His pride and skill as a cartoonist are quite high. He’s popular enough ‘to be respected as a cartoonist’ by many prominent cartoonists who currently live today’s world!

In the story, Kishibe Rohan is a popular cartoonist, who serializes manga called ‘Pink Dark Boy’ in Weekly Shōnen Jump. What’s more? He is known to be a rapid drawer who is able to draw 19-page-manga without drafting and any assistants in four days. (Usually, cartoonists complete that amount of manga with 2 to 4 assistants in 4 to 5 days... I’ve also heard that he can even complete it over night when he’s in a good condition...)

Such a brilliant cartoonist, Rohan, always pursues expressions that have realities. Guess what he does for it? He voluntarily goes out to seek something rare or something new. ...Knowing that, you might be thinking ‘he is such a positive person’. But actually, he’s not! His inquiring mind is just too excessive! For instance, when he got hit, he was so impressed that he even took a detailed note about how painful it was or how shocking it was. When he observed a dissected insect, he licked it just because he was curious about what the taste was like... Yes, he’s “eccentric”. Plus, since he hates losing so bad, he holds grudges about being defeated by Higashikata Jyosuke on the trickery battle. Even more, if Higashikata Jyosuke appears in the story, the trouble often gets even bigger and ends up developing a big incident... It’s hard to describe about him but his personality which sticks with his aesthetic, egoism, belief or childishness, is his attraction on the contrary... It’s weird, you know...? His confident behaviors are somehow childish but have charisma at the same time... It’s just hard to describe here on this article, so... just try to read manga, okay?

By the way, there’s his famous remark; “But, I won’t do that”!

Many people use these words when they want to ‘turn down invitation or temptation’... but actually, that’s not a correct way of using!

Here’s how we’re supposed to use them. When Rohan was threatened by the enemy; ‘If you do ●●, we’ll save your life’, he replied, ‘Really?’. Then the enemy said ‘Sure’ with confidence. And Rohan went, “But, I won’t do that”. Yes, he said these words just because he didn’t want to give in the threat. So you’re supposed to use them when you want to declare something in a cool way like him! (Of course, he will defeat the enemy after this!)

Don’t you think you want to say these cool words in your life?! It might be hard to actually use them, but you might be able to encounter a great opportunity if you keep trying to do something new, like Rohan does!! Yes, for sure!!! Maybe!!!

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