Nagisa Kaworu

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His birthday is the day of second impact and fifth child. A mystery boy. Actually he is not a man but the last angel Tabris! Therefore, he can develop AT field which is famous as an emotional wall!! Even more, he can fly with using it.

In the TV animation series, he appeared final phase of the story, immediately approached Shinji and created a slashish mode. He has a calm tone of voice and mysterious character. We can call him Adonis. I wish if he could approach me...
He appears only in episode 24 and doesn’t have many lines but if he appears in pachinko and slot machine in a pachinko parlor, you hit the jackpot. I don’t know it is the reason or not, there are many fans of him.

For you who read this article, I tell you unimportant knowledge. The Chinese character Nagisa (渚) is composed of two parts シ and 者 (シ者= angel)! What is more, if you see the next Japanese alphabet of each of オワリ (=final), it is カヲル (=kaworu)! Yes, his name! It might be difficult for you to understand if you do not know Japanese. His name is a word game.

For you couldn’t understand the above, I will tell you another bit of knowledge. In the early plot, he would appear more early and became popular among girls in his class. I wish if I could see that version too. Or I might be able to find that setting Doujinshi?

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