[Boys Love (Yaoi) : R18] Onoda Sakamichi

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Sakamichi Onoda
Road bike in use : Crmo road racer (maker unknown)
1st grader in Sohoku High school

The main character in the story - he always wears glasses, which is his unique feature.
When he first enters the school, he tries to organize an ANIME club (since he loves ANIME) but fails.
After that, he encouters a chance to ride a road bike, which finally makes him decide to be a member of BIKE RACING club.

He is not initially good at sports, but he has a good ground in bike riding; every week since he was an elementary schooler, he used to travel back and forth from his home to Akihabara whose distance exceeds 45 kilometers.
Thanks to this, he steams along improving himself after he joins the club.

His role is a climber; when he climbs, he optimizes the speed by controlling pedaling torque.
Also, he can climb hills with a smile, and he has the special ability of raising his speed if he sings anime songs while riding.

Still, he is just a beginner, and he will run into problems countless times throughout the work.
However, for the sake of the team, he goes from the lowest rank to pushing the top group, and contrary to appearances, he's a very passionate character, always doing his best to overcome the obstacles in his path.
Hakone Academy's Manami Sangaku is a good friend as well as being a rival.

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