Kochiya Sanae

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・Kochiya Sanae

Ability: Causing miracles to occur
Theme song : Faith is for the Transient People

Kochiya Sanae is a boss character of Touhou Fuujinroku ~ Mountain of Faith.
She is a human and is Maiden of Moriya Shrine.
Also, she collects the faith that is equal to God and lives as living god, too.

She is brought up as Kazehahuri from young age and is received equal to God treatment by using power of Moriya Suwako and Yasaka Kanako.
Sanae also boosts up the power in proportion to the faith.
However, she was forced to emigrant to Paradise with two Gods because of trend of the times and degradation of religious devotion.

She negotiated Hakurei Reimu to assign Hakurei Shrine, but it broke down.
After battle, it was settled that she builts branch shrine of Moriya Shrine in Hakurei Shrine for the last time.

Her ability is inferior to Reimu who is a Maiden same as Sanae, but her personality is amiable in proportion as Reimu.
But as the story progresses, she becomes a character who doesn’t seize with commonsense little by little because of taking on Paradise.
The characters that are often together with Sanae are Yasaka Kanako, Moriya Suwako, Hakurei Reimu , and etc.

Illustration book(Sanae's Illustration book)
God wind and the sun(Moriya's family)

・Doujin Music Work
-FUUJIN-(original title:Faith is for the Transient People)
AGGRESSIVE FESTIVAL(original title:Faith is for the Transient People)

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