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Speaking of a character that’s wearing a brown coat and wrapping bandage on its arms or neck? Yes, it’s Dazai Osamu.

His hobby is, guess what? ...to attempt suicide!!!! (゚Д゚ノ)ノ

He is a suicidal mania, attempting suicide by various means but always ends up failing and staying alive.

For instance, in 1st episode, he was saved by Nakajima Atsushi when he was about to commit a suicide. He even reads a book about how to commit suicide in the story.

Some of you might have a scary image about him, knowing his hobby is attempting suicide... But on the contrary, he actually goes his own way always smiling on his face(o´・∀・`o)

Since he behaves cheerfully, he is often treated badly by people around him... (´、ゝ`)
For instance, in 2nd episode, when Dazai Osamu was attempting a suicide as usual, he called his buddy and said, “I’m dying”. Then the buddy said to him, “Congratulations”. Kunikida Doppo even calls him “Bandage Wasting Machine”.

Even though he has such a weird personality, he has a special ability called “No Longer Human” that allows him to cancel any ability by touch. щ(゚▽゚щ)

In Bungou Stray Dogs anime world, some characters with super natural power appear and they even fight with such power.

In such a world full of supermen, Dazai Osamu is the one who can cancel any ability. I think he’s the strongest one(`・ω・´)!!

He not only has such ability but his power for reasoning and taking action is also superior to others!

For instance, in 1st episode of anime, he reasons and unmasks Nakajima Atsushi before anybody could and give that information to Kunikida Doppo with a memo, to let their boss know about it. (・д・*)

I was not only surprised at to see Nakajima Atsushi’s true color but I was also amazed at how fast Dazai Osamu figured that out!
Also, in 1st episode, I was surprised that everybody went on and carried out the operation with his one word, “Let’s do it”, even though that operation was Dazai’s reckless idea and Kunikida Doppo, who was strait-laced and hated that schedule didn’t work, got mad.

Even though it seems like he’s treated badly by others, he’s actually been trusted by them as well!

Playful, calm, strong... He always shows us a different side of himself every time we watch anime. I bet we’ll get addicted to him. o(≧∇≦o)

And how about Dazai Osamu’s past, full of mysteries...?
What happened to his past? What was his occupation before??

We have to keep an eye on how the story will go(*゚∀゚)=3 So you guys, why don’t you watch Bungou Stray Dogs anime now? ♪

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