Comiket 88 (Summer 2015)

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(´・ω・|||) I missed making a reservation for the item that I wanted.....  Isn’t it available anymore?
Σ(゜д゜;) My favorite Circle’s Doujinshi is sold out!!  It’s shocking!!!



Who is sighing like that!  It’s not late for you to give up! m9(=ω=)


Even though Comiket88 is over... we can sometimes receive Doujinshi or Doujin Items, which were sold in Comiket88 as used items!

( /*=ω=)/ That means Doujinshi or Doujin Items that you want are there on sale too!?  Please visit Otaku Republic and click the tag, Comiket 88 (Summer 2015) and check it out!  Natsu Komi isn’t over yet~!



★ヽ(*´Д`*)ノ We're now accepting your requesting items! We can sell all items which is sold by mail order in Japan. If you have any requests, please feel free to ask from Request Board







☆What’s Comiket88?!


>> Let's review Comiket 88!


What’s Comiket88? (ω・`))(´・ω・`)(( ´・ω) I bet you might be wondering what it is!
If you read this, you will be a master of Comiket88 from today! (*ゝω・*)ノ



Comiket88 is the biggest Doujin event in Japan! It’s commonly known as ‘夏コミ(Natsu Komi) in Japan!

This year, it takes place from August 14th (Fri) to 16th (Sun)!
During these three days, all the items such as Doujinshi, Doujin items and music, Otaku contents like cosplaying will get together from all over Japan to this Comiket88 venue. (●’Д’●) No other Doujin fair that Otaku Republic has introduced thus far is bigger than this event!!!!


( ・v・)σ Let’s see... How big is it...?

・The number of Circles: 35,000
・The number of booths that each company exhibits: 129
・The number of visitors for three days in total: 550,000←!!! ((*゚゚∀゚゚ *))


The information above is from last year, so all the numbers will increase, we assume!!
The scale is almost 25 times bigger than the regular Doujinshi event!!! Yes, it’s THAT big!!!!! It’s such a big 【festival】 which is crowded by so many people and items!!!!!!


What’s more? Not only is this event’s scale big, but they also sell so many anime goods. (Nitroplus, ATLUS, Noitamina-Shop, Manga time Kirara, Frontier Works, etc......)

Since all the items sold in Comiket88 are very popular, many items that you can make a reservation to buy can be sold out soon!


。 +゚(*^^*)・。* 。 + “It’s Comiket88! Yeahhh!”

。゜(つω`)゜。 “Awww, but it’s sold out! No wayyyy!”


I hope you won’t end up like this if you fail to make a reservation. Please check out the item list that is updated constantly each day, okay? We will definitely support you so that you can get the item(s) that you want! (☆ゝω・)σ

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