[Boys Love (Yaoi) : R18] Tsurugi Kyousuke

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Tsurugi Kyousuke

Position: Forward
School: Raimon Junior High School

Tsurugi Kyousuke belongs to the the Fifth Sector to begin with, and joined the soccer club of Raimon Junior High School as a watchdog of the club.

He has an elder brother named Tsurugi Yuuichi, who was very close with him and played soccer, too.
However, Kyousuke had inflicted Yuuichi such a heavy disorder in his leg in their childhood that he wouldn't have been able to play soccer again. So instead of going into the Fifth Sector, Kyousuke made a promise with them to get the surgical cost from them to cure the injury of his brother.

From such a behavior of Kyousuke, We come to realize that he loves his elder brother and has a gentle nature, don't we. When I came to know this fact, I was impressed very much and got to see him in a different way.

However, coming to know about Kyousuke's thought, Yuuichi scolded him.
Scolded by his brother, Kyousuke changes thinking, leaves Fifth Sector and wants play in a match, cooperating with Inazuma Eleven members.

After leaving Fifth Sector, Kyousuke, who was able to play soccer with Matsukaze Tenma and his gang, became lively, seemed to enjoy soccer with all his heart, my heart skips a beat when I watch him!
I would like everyone to watch him too!

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