[Boys Love (Yaoi) : R18] Kuroko Tetsuya

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Kuroko Testuya

School: Seirin High School
Uniform Number: 11
Position: ?
Ability: Misdirection, Phantom Shoot

Kuroko Testuya is the main character of this story. He is the phantom of sixth player and the 5 members of Kiseki no Sedai keep eye on him.

He does not have much of a presence being humble. He calls himself "shadow". His physical ability is average but he wins the games with his trick called “Misdirection”.

What worth noting is his mental development.
At first he kept winning the games with his talent, but something makes him start training. You have to keep an eye on his process to find his own style. I can't help but root for him as looking him trying very hard.

Also you must read about his team mate, Kagami Taiga and his partner from middle school, Aomine Daiki . Just take a look!

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