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A main character, Izuku-Midoriya, is a 15-year-old boy, who dreams about becoming a hero.

He aims for entering the Hero Department of Eiyu Gakuen to pursue his dream to become a hero. (。・ω・)ノ゛ In this manga, most people in the world have superpowers called ‘Quirks’ and only 2030% of people have no Quirks, which are called ‘Quirkless’ (無個性: Mukosei)!

But... Izuku-Midoriya is the one who is ‘Quirkless’ with no superpowers. (´;д;`)

Izuku-Midoriya with no abilities was being teased by his classmates being told that it’d be impossible for him to enter Eiyu Gakuin, where there are students who turn into heroes who can fight with evils using Quirks.

His nickname ‘Deku’ comes from a Japanese term ‘Dekuno-Bo (木偶の坊)’ which is an abusive word for useless people, and another way of pronouncing the Kanji character of his last name ‘Izuku (出久)’. No wonder he is easily to be teased by people... (TдT)

Even though he never gave up on his dream despite of all the abusive language, he was told to give up on it by his ideal hero, All Might|ωT`)ヾ (゚Д゚ )…

Human-beings are not equally created inherently..

Then one day, he encounters his childhood friend, Katsuki-Bakugou, who is being attacked by the enemy (=Villain) who is abusing Quirks.

The Villain is so strong with Quirks. Even though it’s almost impossible for Izuku-Midoriya, who has no Quirks, to beat, he fights against the Villain, to save his friend.

All Might, who saw Izuku-Midoriya’s courageous act (fighting against the enemy without Quirks), is so moved that he decides to give his own Quirk to him.

Guess what?! All Might is a number 1 hero!
Izuku-Midoriya gets that strongest ability!!!!!!
He dreams about entering the Hero Department of Eiyu Gakuin at the top of the list...

..., but it’s not that easy for him...

He just doesn’t know how to handle that super Quirk, much less, he has been Quirkless in the first place!!!!! He ends up getting injured so badly with his body being unable to withstand the Quirk...

Izuku-Midoriya starts training with All Might, to pass the entrance exam.(`・ω・´)

And the day has come! The result, contrary to his expectation, is miserable... He gets no scores on the practical exam...

But guess what he does! He saves one of the applicants, Ochako-Uraraka, who will be his buddy later on, from a pinch that happens during the exam. He isn’t conscious about wanting to pass the exam but he does have a pure thought that he really wants to save other people. That act isn’t supposed to be evaluated on the entrance exam, but admission people were watching ‘his true attitude as a hero’! His technique might be immature but he has enough aptitude as a hero! He could finally enter his ideal Eiyu Gakuin with his justice accepted by themo(●´ω`●)o!!!!!

I think the biggest charm of Izuku-Midoriya is justice which he cannot leave people who need help behind! Even though he is usually a coward, he actually takes an action when he sees people in need before he thinks. That’s why I think he’s so cool as a hero!

Furthermore, he has passion that he loves heroes! (☆▽☆)
He even carries a notebook in which he’s written information about heroes since he was little.

For instance, we can see him take a note when he sees a cool hero in anime.
He analyzes such information and makes use of it, which becomes his fighting style!! \(*゜O゜θ/

I believe that his attitude, which he never gives up (even though he is Quirkless), will appeal to many people’s maternal instincts. (*´∀`*)

How is he going to grow in Eiyu Gakuin? What kind of difficulties is he going to face?
We cannot take our eyes off of the story, can’t we?!!!!!!

I’m looking forward to seeing him becoming a number 1 hero! o(´∇`*o)(o*´∇`)o

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