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“Fate/Zero” is a story which is equivalent to a prequel of “Fate/stay night”, as the title shows.

(*´゚д゚) I’m often asked by my friends who really don’t know about Fate, “What title (Fate/stay nightFate/hollow ataraxiaFate/ApocryphaFate/Grand Order…) should I watch first to see the Fate series with anime, manga or novel?”

(´・∀・`)Then many people misunderstand that “Fate/Zero is the first one”. It’s for sure that Fate/Zero comes first then Fate/stay night in the chronological order. But I recommend that people, who try to watch this Fate series for the first time, should watch Fate/stay night first since Fate/Zero includes the truth that wasn’t revealed in Fate/stay night or the content in which uncollected foreshadow will be collected.

Now, here’s one thing I have to tell you about this story. Yes, this is a collaborating story of “TYPE-MOON and Nitroplus”. Urobuchi Gen, who wrote the scenario of Puella Magi Madoka Magica wrote this story as well! Did anybody notice anything, hearing the face? (人´∀`)!

(人´∀`) Yes, you’re absolutely correct.

Characters that appear in Fate/stay night night were rather fighting with the thought of “deciding only one winner with the minimum damage”. But the characters that appear in Fate/Zero will fight in ghastly and cruel manner since they are older than the characters in Fate/stay night

Seven people keep fighting with 7 Servant (heroes that took an active role in the past) until there’s only one left, to get the Holy Grail which is said that ‘anybody who gets it can make any wish come true’.

Betrayal, murder, hostage and torture... they fight using any means. This is not called by far ‘rule of the right’ story but it’s a high-evaluated story among all the fans, full of battle scenes and exciting scenarios!

(*´・∀・) Who do you think the most attractive character is in this story...? I bet it’s Kotomine Kirei. He’s the first character that everybody would agree with when asked “Who’s famous for being a “villain” appearing in anime or manga?” He has such a unique character which he can never say “beautiful” even if everybody says it’s “beautiful”. And he was worrying about the fact that he became a priest due to his family line. But after his worrisome and struggle reached the answer through this battle (I’ll stop saying anymore since it might be a spoiler), there’s a moment when he becomes lively, realizing himself that he should be this way! That figure is so cool!!!

If you want a “rule-of-the-right-type story”, you should watch Fate/stay night but if you are curious about the tragedy story developing in the backside, you should watch Fate/Zero! So now, have you watched Fate/stay night yet? Then you’ll be enjoying the truth that wasn’t revealed in there!

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