Slam Dunk

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Sakuragi Hanamichi is a bad boy with red hair who entered Shohoku high school. Since he is tall and physical elite, younger sister of basketball club captain recommended him to join the club. Hanamichi meets captain Akagi, sub-captain Kogure, star rookie Rukawa and coach Anzai ad opens his eyes to appeal of basketball gradually.

Since many able-bodied men appear in this anime, shrill voice doesn’t stop. Rukawa-sama is especially popular!!! (´ω`*) He was a basketball start when he was junior high school student and he was recruited by many powerful high schools but he entered weak Shohoku high school just because “it is near his house”. Even though he is no so able-bodied, he is sloppy cool (´ω`*) He gets mad at basketball but he is out of energy about others. His hobby is sleeping |ω・) It is cool he can switch the mood (´ω`*) Of course he is popular among female characters. There is a unauthorized fun club called “Rukawa Kaede’s bodyguard” |ω・)L・O・V・E Rukawa! What is more, even though Haruko, on whom Hanamichi developed a crush, is in unrequited love with Rukawa, Rukawa does not bother listening her. I’m happy about his consideration not to be someone’s. He is everyone’s (´ω`*)

Debut work title of the author Inoue Takehiko is ridiculous. It is “Kaede Purple”. Of course, as you seen in the title, Rukawa is the central character |ω・) In this comic, he is the captain of basketball club at the grade of the second. Based on this comic, Slam Dunk was drawn! That is our Rukawa-sama (´ω`*)

There are many popular quotes to be transmitted by word of mouth: “Left hand is just put on the ball”, “If you give up, it means the end of the game”, “You are strong” and “Doahou (translated as ‘cheap asshole’ Rukawa-sama’s line!) Please find your favorite phrase!

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