Ranka Lee

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She is one of double heroines. One of the characters I cannot stop loving, cinderella of time space, Ranka!!! She's super cute! Voice, looks, everything about her is perfect.

Her hair moves according to her emotion, it's invincibly cute characteristic of hers!!! Ohhh I love her so much I'm going crazy.

She wears China dress when working part time, just by looking at her in that dress, my brain almost melts down…! (※little overrated expression ov love, but I wanted you to know the writer's enthusiastic passion so I featured it just the way he wrote. by colleague)

At first she was not positive about singing in front of people, but thanks to Alto and Sheryl, she came to think that she wants people to listen to her song, then she climbs the stairs to become a top star.

You must listen to Ranka's Seikanhikou(星間飛行). Be sure you try it. I'm sure you'll go madly in love with her. Everybody together - ♪キラッ☆

There are many Doujinshi of her with Sheryl. There are couplings with Alto, I want to couple with her, too. Really seriously!!

"Embracing everyone, to the other side of galaxy!"


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