(USED) Doujinshi - Rurouni Kenshin / Himura Kenshin x Sagara Sanosuke (家庭教師(仮)) / あっちっち/FLASH MAMA

  • Doujinshi - Rurouni Kenshin / Himura Kenshin x Sagara Sanosuke (家庭教師(仮)) / あっちっち/FLASH MAMA
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Item Description

categoryRurouni Kenshin (るろうに剣心)
product typeDoujinshi, Manga
circleあっちっち/FLASH MAMA
author鐘ヶ江しょうこ ,中沢ななお
main characterSagara Sanosuke, Himura Kenshin
couplingHimura Kenshin x Sagara Sanosuke
release date1995-12-29

Customer Review

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The Long Search Is Over
by Kenshin's Soul May 22, 2016
What can I say? I've been looking for this doujinshi for 10+ years. While I went through Otaku Republic and using Google translator I came across this. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw 家庭教師(仮) --> Kateikyōshi (kari), my eyes got huge. I said to myself, "I found volume one!! I can't believe I found it!!" I was very happy. I got volume 2, "Douseiai - The Continuation of Kateikyōshi (kari)" many years ago and just recently I bought "Honey Moon - The Continuation of Douseiai", volume 3 somewhere which is a continuation of volume 2. ♥ I do believe I have the whole set now. :) Unless there's more out there I don't know about. ;)

Ah, forgot to write on why I like this volume. ^^; It's cute. It showed how they met and how Kenshin got the scar. Since I can't read Japanese, but I can glean what it may be about. It looks like Kenshin is a tutor to Sanosuke. It looks like they're in college. There were some funny moments and sweet moments. :)

If you like AU SanoKen doujinshi this is good to buy. :)

Thank Otaku Republic for having this doujinshi at website!! ♥ I felt great! ♥

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