Makishima Yusuke

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Makishima Yusuke
Road bike in use : Time
Senior at Souhoku High School

A climber like Sakamichi, he's an upperclassman at the same school.
His special features are his multi-colored hair and his long limbs.
He's not very much of a talker, but he's very good at taking care of others, and Onoda Sakamichi respects him a lot.

His nickname is the Peak Spider, and he has a riding style that's unique.
When he first joined the club, he was often mocked by the upperclassmen for his rising style and told to change it, but he stuck with it and made the others change their minds.
Currently, he's Sohoku High's ace climber.

Hakone Academy's Toudou Toudou Jinpachi is a good friend as well as being a rival, and there are many doujinshi featuring him in a variety of pairings.
At first glance he seems cold, but on the inside he's always thinking about his friends and is an upperclassman with passion.

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