Little Busters! (リトルバスターズ!)

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Little Busters were originally sold as love adventure game for PC users.

However it has been released for house-use game console and it became a cartoon due to its popularity.

Naoe Riki, the main character goes to the same boarding school as old childhood friend, Natsume Kyousuke, his younger sister Natsume Rin, other old childhood friends Inohara Masato and Miyazawa Kengo. Together, when they were little they formed a group of superheroes called 'Little Busters'

This group, for Naoe Riki was an important group for him to get him out to the outer world as he couldn't get over his parents death. He used to think "I hope time never stops."

Time passed and when Natsume Kyousuke, now in year 12, came back from job hunting, Naoe Riki suggested to him, " let's do something together like before" and Kyousuke replied, "let's form a baseball team.

The team name is... 'Little Busters!' " By one word from the leader, a new baseball team was formed.

What’s so appealing about this piece of work, it has to be the “friendship.”

So because of it, there are a lot of male characters for a piece of work that originated from a romance game. If you like the words such as “Adoration”, “best friends”, “Leader”, or “Rival”, then I’m pretty sure that you will like this work as well.

The starting members are those five stated above, and as they go through starting a baseball team, a few more will join in as new members. They are all so individualistic, and each of them are attractive.

Kamikita Komari is especially popular, and cute too!

This work also has the version for adults and spin-offs, and the characters appearing in those versions are also very popular.

Futaki Kanata and Noumi Kudryavka are especially popular among those characters. There are a lot of character goods, and coterie magazines as well!

Why not play baseball in Little Busters with them and make certain of the friendship?

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