Kagamine Rin

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Kagamine Rin is a lovely character who looks good with ribbon. She often sings with Len. Rin and Len are good friends each other (I suppose) so as to have Len and a set, or to hesitate when I make this special topic.

Why Don't You Call Me Yet?

Rin is the youngest girl in VOCALOID. So it has a characteristic that there are many powerful and cute items in the Character items of Rin. An aspect of “puckishness” is emphasized, she joked around KAITO with Len in Doujinshi.

Rin has many songs singing with Len or Miku. I like "Rin Rin Signal" and "Colorful x Melody" in that because they are cute songs. What kind of songs do you like?

There are many cute items such as mini-character in the Character Items of Rin.There are many Character Items that Ren wears the costume of song in particular “Melt Down”.

Rin of the long-haired is pretty as well as Rin of the long-haired in a kimono!

The song which I recommend is The Daughter of Evil. This song has a strong story nature, and the costume is luxury and the mature atmosphere is favorable.

"Now, kneel before me!"

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