Jiroutachi (Touken Ranbu)

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兄貴の太郎太刀同様に奉納されてるけど、兄貴と違って、頑張ればまだ使えないこともない大きさなんだ。 と、言ってもやっぱりデカいんだけどね!

I'm Jiroutachi. As you can see, I'm an Oodachi. I was dedicated to the gods just like my big brother Taroutachi, but unlike him, my size isn't something that prevents me from being wielded with a little effort. I really am pretty big, though!

Her... I mean, “his” name is Jiroutachi.
He is the most flashy, gaudy and beautiful character of all the characters, being influenced by his previous owner “Kabukimono: a man of fashion who prefers flashy and gaudy clothes or behaviors”. ゜*。(*´Д`)。*° !

Just like him, Midare Toushirou who is a Tantou-type character is also womanly, but Jiroutachi is taller than him and has strong muscle.
Long hair and beautiful kimono are his charms but... once he fights, he overwhelms the enemy more furiously than Midare Toushirou. ( ✧Д✧)!

When I go wild, I'm like a storm!

No wonder he’s that strong. He is one of the Oodachi-type swords characters. Unlike other types of characters, Oodachi has overwhelming attacking power and ability to attack multiple enemies at the same time.
Plus, Jiroutachi has higher ability of defense than the other characters, so he shows strength like an ogre in the battle! He’s just like a storm! Nothing will be left after he passes!

Ye-s! Let's toast!

His biggest characteristic is ‘to love alcohol’! He loves to drink anyway! When the game starts, he drinks! Before he goes to the battle, he drinks! After he gets ranked up, he drinks! When he takes care of a horse, he drinks! After he finishes field work, he drinks! Drink! Drink!! Drink!!!! Anyways, Jiroutachi loves to drink alcohol so much!

Jiroutachi has a brother who looks just like him. It’s Tarou Tachi who is also a Oodachi-type character.
Even though they look alike, their personalities are totally different! His brother, Tarou Tachi is always calm and intelligent. On the contrary, Jiroutachi is full of curiosity and (a little) lazy...

But they have the same level of abilities! Since his brother, Tarou Tachi has incredible fighting power, there are many players who have both of them! I’m one of them. The most high ability character that I have is actually Jiroutachi following by Tarou Tachi... Because they get so many MVPs since they are so strong. ヽ(*´∀`)ノ!

They along very well with each other too! You can often see [/product/tag_page.html?tags=142218|Tarou Tachi]] being controlled by Jiroutachi in Doujinshi of Touken Ranbu! This is one of my favorite pairs too! So, check it out!

A battle? Alright, after I drink a glass first!

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