Ensemble Stars! (あんさんぶるスターズ!)

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Sagami Jin / Kunugi Akiomi / Gate Keeper /

(人´∀`) Ensemble Stars! is one of the smartphone apps, in which one girl (the main character) enters a boy performing art school, specialized in training only boy idols and the school produces various idol groups!

(*´゚д゚) The most recent and popular game that produces idols is... a rhythm game (a game which we tap the screen with a good timing in music). But the biggest characteristic of this game, Ensemble Stars!, is that it’s not a rhythm game but a game specialized in “the communication among boy characters appearing in the game”! The atmosphere of the game is similar to THE IDOLM@STER: Cinderella Girls. What we do is to select our favorite boys out of 33 characters, making the unit, try to win against the rival teams and try to win in the event held at school!

(*゜∀゜*) Since the main character girl is in the second grade of high school, you can get closer to her not only during the daily lessons, recess time but also in the school events! As this school is a performing art school, besides the regular sports festival or cultural festival, special events, where students compete as idols, are also held! This school has full of school events throughout the year, such as Halloween, Star Festival, “Circus Event”, held in the tent set in the middle of the playground, and an event called “Detectives vs Phantom Thieves”, where students are separated into detectives’ rolls and phantom thieves’ rolls and compete, etc...!

(☆ω☆*)Of course! There are so many types of main characters so you can definitely find your favorite one!

Here are some units:
Trickstar” is the most cheerful unit even though it was just formed.
fine” is formed by student council’s members, who are all powerful figures.
Knights” attracts fans with their elegant and gorgeous performances.
UNDEAD” has a dark atmosphere, being good at immoral performances.
RyuSeitai” is a passionate unit with a hero’s spirit that never forgives the evil!
Ra*bits” was formed with comforting atmosphere but being dangerous at the same time!
2wink” was formed by twins, who compete with their outstanding dancing skill that nobody can imitate!
Akatsuki” is a Japanese-style unit who loves Japan more than anybody and competes with their cultural knowledge!

(*´・∀・) Too many to remember...? Don’t worry! You’ll memorize them all as soon as you start playing the game. Yes, you’ll learn them soon enough. What? Who’s my favorite character? (人´∀`) It’s Hibiki Wataru-San!!!! Why? (☆ω☆*)Because he thinks he is “a strange person”, which other people recognize as well! He behaves confidently and elegantly. He is dependable as a captain of the theatrical club (even though there are some concerns about him since his action and remarks are freaky...). Every time we have an event, I get excited to see his card! As he is one of the members of the student council, the ability as an idol is so high too! Please! Anybody who is going to start playing this game! Select him! He’ll definitely give you abundant love and surprises every day!

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