Comiket 83 (Winter 2012)

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The Comic Market known as Comiket is the world’s largest event for Doujinshi. Over 500,000 Otaku people come and find their favorite Dojinshi in Comiket!

Winter Comiket83 (Fuyu-Comi: 冬コミ) will be held from December 29th to 31st!!
Here is the page for featured Doujinshi that are available at Comiket83 for purchase. Do not miss those Doujinshi!!

Should you have any request/ inquiry, please feel free to reach out to us from contact us.
We will deliver any Doujinshi which are not on this page.

Popular Titles

Kuroko_Doujinshi.JPG Hetalia_Doujinshi.JPG Tigerbunny_Doujinshi.JPG
Utapri_Doujinshi.JPG Magi_Doujinshi.JPG Tales_Doujinshi.JPG

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