【Winter 2024 Anime】A New Series After 7 Years! Before the Broadcast of Anime Season 3 & Shimane Illuminat, Let's Recap Blue Exorcist!

Hello everyone. It's December...... which means...... that season is approaching. We must prepare! I'm Boss from Otaku Republic!
Hello everyone~! Yes! 2024 is almost here! So...... we need to get ready! I'm Saori from Otaku Republic!
Exactly! Starting January 2024, a new season begins, and a slew of new anime will be broadcast! This time, we want to delve into particularly noteworthy works. Here's a series that's scheduled for a new season after a whole 7 years!

【Winter 2024 Anime】A New Series After 7 Years! Before the Broadcast of Anime Season 3 & Shimane Illuminat, Let's Recap Blue Exorcist!

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Amazingly, starting January 2024, Blue Exorcist's new work, the long-awaited Season 3, will be broadcast after 7 years!
7 years...... that means it's certainly long-awaited news for long-time fans! But for those who have recently come to know Blue Exorcist or want to learn more about it, let's briefly recap what Blue Exorcist is about!

What is Blue Exorcist About?

The genre of the manga is dark fantasy and battle.
“Demons” are a major theme. There were twin brothers living in a monastery. Okumura Rin, a 15-year-old boy and the older brother, was anxious.

●Okumura Rin

Rin Okumura
His twin brother, Okumura Yukio, had passed the entrance exam to a prestigious school that trains exorcists to combat demons.

●Okumura Yukio

Okumura Yukio
However, suddenly, a demon god (Satan) claiming to be Rin's father appears before him, attempting to take him to the demon-infested demonic realm. Their adoptive father, who tried to stop this, is defeated by the demon god and loses his life. Rin vows to defeat the demon god who took his adoptive father's life and decides to follow Yukio to the prestigious school for training exorcists...... but!?
It's just the introduction part, but that's the gist of it. It's a story about demons and the exorcists who fight to exorcise them.
That's right! The first season of the anime was in 2011, the second season in 2017, and now the third season is set to air in January 2024, making it a series that has been ongoing for over 10 years!
Exactly, and there have been a few movie versions too, right? So, before the third season airs, we should really catch up on the story so far through the manga and anime.

The Shimane Illuminati arc (Shimane Illuminat) to be animated this time is a story that took place in volumes 11 to 15 of the manga! A once-a-year school festival is held at the academy...... but?

If you want to prepare by reading the manga, it's a good idea to read volumes 11 to 15 in advance! On the contrary, if you want to enjoy the third season through the anime, stop reading at volume 10!
Everyone, be sure to check out the third season of Blue Exorcist starting in January 2024!
Blue Exorcist (Ao no Exorcist)

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