【The Vampire Dies in No Time】2nd Season Now on Air! Characters are Just So Unique! An Anime that you can Sit Back to Enjoy and Laugh, Recommended among all Winter 2023 Season!

Konnichiwa everyone. It’s Boss from Otaku Republic.
Konnichiwa everyone~!! It’s Saori from Otaku Republic!
Sorry everyone!! I was going to write a feature article for an anime, but I got so into watching it that I totally forgot it about writing the article!
Oh no, what happened, which anime is it?
(Thank goodness, he didn’t get mad) Its second season has been airing since January of 2023, and I was thinking I’d write it after watching the first and second episode~...... but, it was so good so I kept watching past the 3rd episode like a routine! The anime I’m referring to is...... this anime!

【The Vampire Dies in No Time】2nd Season Now on Air! Characters are Just So Unique! An Anime that you can Sit Back to Enjoy and Laugh, Recommended among all Winter 2023 Season!

And so like that, I was watching the anime ‘The Vampire Dies in No Time,’ and I had totally forgotten to write a feature article! For those of you who haven’t watched ‘The Vampire Dies in No Time,’ as well as for others already watching it, let’s review what ‘The Vampire Dies in No Time’ is about!

A Vampire that dies too soon, a super skilled vampire hunter but silly guy, and cute armadillo in this classic comedy! Each episode concludes on its own, so it’s always fun to watch!

The Vampire Dies in No Time is good because its plot is easy to understand while the characters are very unique. Right?
I think so too~ it doesn’t have any complex settings, it’s upbeat, and it has a lot of good-personality but stupid characters, so it’s fun to watch!
It’s quite true but that’s kind of harsh.


A vampire that dies very quickly as in the title The Vampire Dies in No Time.
It’s a vampire with immortal life with absolutely no battle ability It turns into sand when he receives strong physical or emotional damage (though he doesn’t die). His old castle was destroyed by Ronaldo, so he is currently living in Ronaldo’s office with John.
He is surprisingly good at cooking. He loves Kusoge (games that’s so bad that it’s entertaining)


A phenomenal vampire hunter that’s currently getting recognized.
He tried to hunt Draluc because the neighbors were afraid of the immortal vampire, but he let him go because it turned out Draluc is weaker than a child, has a kind personality and doesn’t attack humans. But because he destroyed Draluc’s residence castle, he’s letting him live at the office. He has a kind heart, but because Draluc always treats him rudely, he responds to Draluc with rudeness.
While he looks like he can do anything, he’s not too handy. He cannot cook. He writes about his vampire hunting and publishes it.


World’s cutest armadillo.
He is a familiar spirit that assists Draluc, has a high ability and cries out ‘NUUUUUUUUUUUU’
He respects Draluc, and he takes care of Draluc’s surroundings as well as help him out.
He’s pampered by Ronaldo and the various people in the neighborhood. Very cute.
The three characters are the core characters, but there’s been more people through the first and the second seasons~!
True, like the police officer Hinaichi-chan who wants to manage or destroy vampires,


I’m fan of Fukuma-san at the publishing company which Ronaldo publishes his book through. He’s so creepy that it’s funny.


I get that~! When I think of an episode that I particularly like!, it can be some character’s first appearance episode.

●When his beam shines on you, you can only speak foul languages!? The vampire whose first episode was a huge hit, Waidan Oji-san!

True~ the 2nd season has many new characters, but it’s interesting because they have different relationships with the previous characters.
Right! There are so~~~ many more characters, vampires of course, but also vampire-managing police type of new characters or returning characters!

●Cruel and heinous Vampire, Tsujigiri Nagiri!
Personality-wise, he’s always very cold, but slightly stupid and likes John the Armadillo.


●A member of the police who cracks down on vampires, but his personality is stupid, Kei Kantarou!

Yes! Some episodes are especially funny, but on average, it’s all pretty good so I keep watching every episode.
Yes yes! So The Vampire Dies in No Time isn’t necessarily that it has an interesting storyline but the characters are unique and interesting, and each episode concludes so it’s just a very easy to watch gag anime~. Which characters do you like? Tell me which non-John characters you like!
Why exclude John?
John is just the cutest, so I’m pretty sure everyone will say their favorite character is John.

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The Vampire dies in no time
Okie doke, that’s about it for now! See you in the next article!

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