【Fate/Grand Order】Japan’s Hottest Game This Summer! 7th-Year Anniversary & Swimsuit Event Happening Now!

Konichiwa everyone. This is Boss from Otaku Republic, back from a modest yet enjoyable summer break. I spent it relaxing at a beachside facility with my family.
Konichiwa everyone~! This is Saori from Otaku Republic! I’m planning on taking my summer vacation around fall when the temperature goes down a bit!
Yes! Summer!!! Summer, I am BUSY!! Japanese social games are popping over the summer with anniversary and swimsuit events!! So, I want to play games a lot!!
True. So much happens in games during the summer season. Speaking of which, today’s featured game also had its 7th-year anniversary the other day! Congrats~!!

【Fate/Grand Order】Japan’s Hottest Game This Summer!!
Overview of FGO and its 7th-Year Anniversary & Swimsuit Event Happening Now!

Yes!! Fate/Grand Order celebrated its 7th-year anniversary this summer! Congratulations~!!
It was very festive. I see a lot of commercials for it in Japan too, how did they celebrate it?
Major modifications were made so that the games are easier to play, allowing beginner-level players to have wider range of growth system! Especially cool is...... this!

Surprise Appearance from Tsukihime!
7th-year commemorative servant is Archetype: Earth!!

Fate/Grand Order implements a commemorative servant every anniversary! That commemorative servant this time is (gasp)......!! Archetype: Earth has joined from Tsukihime!!
Wait who?
Archetype: Earth is basically another form of Arcueid Brunestud, (to avoid spoilers, I’m omitting details) who is a character from “Tsukihime”! (Though not exactly accurate, Arcu is a good way of thinking of it.)
“Tsukihime” is a work by Nasu Kinoko-Sensei, who is the creator of Fate/Grand Order.

Appears as Arcueid Brunestud as Well! the Classic Tsukihime Character!

Ah yes~! I know both Tsukihime and the girl! They did a remake in 2021, right? Ok, so she is joining because of the same creator!
Yup that’s it! 7 years since Fate/Grand Order began its service...... There must’ve been many fans who dreamed of this collaboration! This is such an awesome surprise!

First In-Person Event in Several Years Happening in Japan!
Talk shows, Script Recitation, Photo-Spots, Setting Exhibits, and Eateries......
So Many Events Available for Enjoyment Online & Offline!

Corresponding to this 7th -year anniversary, they held an in-person event in Japan! From taking pics with game characters to museums where you can actually see characters’ weapons on display, I heard that the event was extremely successful ~!
What~~!!! That sounds fun!! Wish I went~!!!
At this event, on top of the exhibitions, information about this summer’s annual event and swimsuit event was also disclosed! These events are currently going on, so let me introduce both events as well!

This year takes place in...... the Arctic Circle!?
Enjoy the Summer Theme Park Created by the Queen of Ice and Snow!

This year’s summer swimsuit event takes place in, gasp, the Arctic Circle! Queen of Ice and Snow, Scáthach Skadi, uses the “holy grail” that suddenly appeared in Arctic Circle to build a “never-ending summer theme park”! The only way to destroy her theme park is...... to fully enjoy while wearing swimsuits!? Through this event, let’s experience a special summer in the Arctic Circle where, despite the warmer temperature, the ice somehow remains frozen!
That’s quite a setting to play in the Arctic Circle wearing swimsuits......! But if the temperature is high, it’s nice to be able to play at a theme park in swimsuits!
Looks fun right~! Our favorite characters are already in their swimsuits, and are totally hyped to go all out together in this summer theme park~!
Fate/Grand Order has another huge event at the end of the year, right?
Yes! It’s been announced that Main Story Chapter 7 will be available in December 2022! The craze for Fate/Grand Order will continue for the rest of the year~!
I’m not certain when the recent modifications would reflect in the international version, but once it’s updated, I want everyone to try playing, including those who have never played it before!!
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Okie doke! About here for now! See you at the next article!

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