【2021 Best Seller BL Manga】Give It a Try! FIVE Best Seller BL Manga in 2021!!

Hello, everyone!!
Do you know which BL manga are the Best-Seller in 2021 (in Otaku Republic)?

【2021 Best Seller BL Manga】
The FIVE Best Seller Series!
Haven’t Read Them Yet? Then Give It a Try!
2021 FIVE Best Seller BL Manga!!

I know there are so many commercial BL manga series so I don’t know which one to start...... I want to know some of the recommended BL manga......!! This is the article for those who have such worries and requests!! Some are sequels and some completely stand alone (short versions) ......
So! Here are some best-seller commercial BL in 2021 that we recommend!!

Yumemiru Vampire
Kashima Kotaru


Now-HOT series depicting interaction between a vampire and a “human being”!
While it’s an aesthetic manga with beautiful images...... it’s an incredible gag manga!?

The main protagonist, Mamoru, is a boy “who wanted to be a normal human.”
Mamoru having been born between Incubus and a human, he struggles with his power, not being able to control himself. One day, a beautiful vampire, Laddu, shows up in front of Mamoru!! Mamoru becomes Laddu’s servant in exchange for being taught how to survive by Laddu. The first order Mamoru gets from Laddu is...... guess what? To go to Comiket!?
This story stands alone as tankobon so it’s easy to read! It’s so unique full of BL elements with gags and aestheticism!
Yumemiru Vampire

Hidoku Shinaide
vol. 10
Nekota Yonezou


The latest volume depicts a story “after” vol. 9, where the story is settled!
What will Maya and Nemugasa’s daily life be after one year from vol.9......?

This latest volume of one of a popular BL manga artist, Nekota Yonezoh-Sensei’s masterpieces, is now releasing!
The story between Maya, who is powerful and good-looking and Nemugasa, who is kind and gives in to push, depicting their mental and physical relationship, was settled in vol.9. After one year since their stormy life in vol.9...... they turn 20 years old and start their new life in vol.10!
This luxurious book comes with a spin-off story, which is Okino (Nemugasa’s best friend)-version! Hidoku Shinaide has reached a huge ending in 2020. If you binge-read, get a whole set of 10 volumes!
Hidoku Shinaide

Dear Door
vol. 2


It’s originally from a Korean-style stylish × fantasy × BL!!
The one who saved a desperate police officer was a devil which was summoned at the ceremony......!!

One of the hottest BL manga in Korea is now made into a Japanese version!
A police officer is kidnapped and locked in a place, where a weird ceremony is being held, after he chases and fights against the criminal. He is now about to be killed, caught with fire, when a devil saves him, smiling invincibly......!!
In a manga site, where it’s been serialized, so many people have been requesting this series to be comicalized. This is one of the hottest BL manga with its 2nd volume now releasing! What is the purpose of the devil who was summoned......!?
Dear Door

Megumi to Tsugumi
vol. 3
Si Mitsuru


It’s ranked in the TOP10 BL ranking in the first half year of 2021!
It’s a yankee × youth BL manga, based on “Omegaverse”!

Two yankee encounter in the world where “α” or “Ω” (the sex other than male and female) exist.
They end up seeing each other after such an unexpected encounter but in vol.3, we see some changes in relationship of other people around these two people......!?
The latest volume of this popular series, Megumi to Tsugumi, based on Omegaverse, which has often been featured in Otaku Republic, is now releasing in February 2021! Volume 1~3 have sold well too! This is the one for those who want to read the series based on Omegaverse!!
Megumi to Tsugumi

Lion Gotoki no Kuni kara
From A Country Like Lion



An exchange student from Africa falls in love with him while misunderstanding something.

A cheerful high school boy, Makoto, loves animals. One day, his family accepts an exchange student from Africa for the homestay program. Makoto expects that he will be a powerful boy since he has heard that he is one of the Maasai people, however...... he is actually a modern boy named Luca, which Makoto has never expected! Makoto gets along with him right away but Luka seems to be misunderstanding that Makoto is a girl......!?
It comes with a bonus with extra 20 pages! If you want to read a short BL, which stands alone, this is it!
Lion Gotoki no Kuni kara
From A Country Like Lion
If you want to read a series of story, you should try Hidoku Shinaide and Megumi to Tsugumi. If you want to read the one that stands alone, you should try the other three!! These are the most seller-BL manga in Otaku Republic too so we confidently recommend these! What kind of BL manga series will release and become hot in 2022? Let’s check them out too!!
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Oki-doki! This is all for today! I’ll see you guys at the next article!!

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