【My Hero Academia】Must Check Doujinshi in Summer 2020!

Hello everyone! I did it! I got over summer here in Japan! It’s Saori from Otaku Republic!!
Summer is gone, meaning the first half of 2020 is over too! So today, we’ll be featuring the Best-Selling Doujinshi of a NOW-HOT title in the first half year of 2020! We’ll share some popular Doujinshi of specifically for My Hero Academia! For those who do have many Doujinshi of My Hero Academia and those who will buy one from now on! Check out such a popular title again!

【My Hero Academia】Sharing Best-Selling Doujinshi in Summer, 2020! Here Are Some Popular Doujinshi of My Hero Academia!

Get a SET of THIS Series! - No.1

Pro Hero and Middle School Student / lapin
This is the most popular Doujinshi Series of My Hero Academia now! Not only are its couplings and illustrations popular but the storyline is also awesome, which makes more people to want to buy it repeatedly! It’s a story about Deku-Kun, who has mentally and physically turned into his old figure (when he was a junior high school student), and Todoroki-Kun, who is now a pro hero!

Here Is the Latest One!

プロヒーローと中学生? 番外編 / lapin

Get a SET of THIS Series! - No.2

Goodbye Schrodinger Cat / Kyujitsusyukkin
This one, as well, depicts a coupling of Todoroki Shouto x Midoriya Izuku-Kun except that Deku-Kun is depicted as a girl! The best part of this one is not only the coupling and illustrations but also the perfect storyline!

Here Is the Latest One!

さよならシュレディンガーの猫 another story 2 / Kyujitsusyukkin

Recommended Sairokushu - No.1

Sairokusyu is the collection of Doujinshi that contains some Doujinshi which have published before! Some are added or revised to the original ones but some are newly drawn!
Eternal snow Sairokusyu 01 / Eternal snow
※The collection contains the titles below:
This Doujinshi is a super popular series and so many series have been released simultaneously too! This collection contains FIVE Doujinshi which were published before so it’s quite a good deal! For those who love the coupling, All Might x Aizawa Shouta, give it a try!!
This Circle has released the second Sairokusyu (collection) too! If you get two Sairokusyu, you can read TEN Doujinshi at the same time! Each book has full of attractions!!
Eternal snow Sairokusyu 02 / Eternal snow
※The collection contains the titles below:

Here Is the Latest One!

アンダー・ザ・スターリースカイ / Eternal snow
What’s more? We have more Sairokusyu besides the one above! They depict different couplings and both are also popular! They both contain over FIVE Episodes so for those who love these couplings and want to enjoy reading various Doujinshi! This is it!

Recommended Sairokushu - No.2

HONEY HONEY! HONEY / Dokosahekisaensan
※The collection contains the titles below:

Here Is the Latest One!

ふリッぷフろっプ / Dokosahekisaensan

Recommended Sairokushu - No.3

KiriBakuBOX / Sokotsuya Baker
※The collection contains the titles below:

Here Is the Latest One!

This Circle has released the new edition with Kimetsu no Yaiba as well.
倖せの躾と魅惑の箍 / SK2B
As you see above, some Circles create their work with different Anime titles too so try to use the “Author” or “Circle” tags as well when you check out!
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