【The Titan's Bride】2020 Summer Five-Minute BL Anime, Is Now On Air!

Hello, everyone! Have you decided which 2020 summer anime you will be watching every week~!? I’m now so relieved that all the scheduled summer anime have aired! It’s Saori from Otaku Republic!
So! Today, I’ll be featuring one 2020 Summer anime! There are some BL Anime in 2020 Summer Anime lineups, just like ‘Given’, which used to be on air! It’s a really short anime, which is FIVE minutes, but both their comics and anime have been going viral in Japan so let me share that today!

【The Titan's Bride】Five-Minute Anime! 2020 Summer BL Anime, Kyojinzoku no Hanayome, Is Now On Air!


About the Original Author of The Titan’s Bride, ITKZ-Sensei

Two volumes of its comics have been released so far! ITKZ-Sensei is a BL artist and his commercial drawn title is The Titan’s Bride! For him, it’s the very first serialized title and also the very first anime title!
ITKZ-Sensei basically creates cool-looking, in great shape youth or older guys characters! His style is not typical but something that relates with robots, school or military. Therefore, he focuses more on the first creation, rather than the second creation!
It’s unbelievable that his first created serialized title was made into anime…… By the way, all his Doujinshi are sold out……!

Love, Height…… Everything is the BIGGEST in BL world! The Outline of The Titan’s Bride!

Alright then, let’s do a five-minute review, including the content of episode 1!
The main protagonist, Kouichi, is a 3rd grader of high school student, who belongs to the basketball club.
He’s been so active for three years as the Captain of the basketball club and also popular not among his teammates but also among girls who cheer up the club.
Kouichi has devoted all his time as a member of the basketball club for three years. However, since he is going to take the entrance exam for the college, he has to study hard so he can pass it. Kouichi feels a little worried about a huge change on his life.
Then Kouichi hears the voice in his room.
“I found you, my bride.”
Kouichi is covered by magic all of a sudden. He finds himself being in the strange place with the light that is being released from the magic. The place is just like the shrine and……
There, he sees a gigantic guy, who is overwhelmingly taller than him.
He looks at Kouichi and smiles at him.
“You are my destined bride.”
Since it’s only a five-minute anime, episode 1 ends with this scene…… It’s kind of a ridiculous storyline but in episode 2, more details about why the prince of the giant, Caius, has summoned Kouichi!
In manga version, as the story went on, the reason depicted as well. So I should say anime might have a better tempo, I mean, might be easier to understand!
What they do and say are quite forcible but actually, the reason why Caius summoned Kouichi is…… because it relates with his country’s existence.
If you only watch episode 1, you might think Caius has an overbearing personality but in episode 2, he explains to Koichi why he wanted to summon his bride from the different world or “why he had to summon him” very politely.
So! I want you to watch episode 2 too! Not only episode 1 with a big impact but also watch episode 2 so you see the worldview as well!
By the way…… As for The Titan's Bride, there are two kinds of Anime, airing! The one I shared today is the ‘regular version’. And…… the other one is the ‘premium version’ that is truly depicted from the original BL comics’ development!

The Titan's Bride Premium Version

Even if you watch both, it only takes 10 minutes!! How about that? So you guys! Why don’t you try a 5-minute BL Anime, The Titan's Bride this summer~?
Already now! This is all for today! I’ll see you all at the next article!
Bye now~!!

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