【Hypnosismic】Osaka Division・Dotsuitare Hompo Debuted!


Saori(゜∇ ゜) “Hello everyone! It’s Saori from Otaku Republic and today, I will feature the latest info about THAT title, which made a huge change at the end of October! The unit, I mean, the NEW Division I will share with you all today, is… THIS!!”




 【Hypnosismic】Osaka Division・Dotsuitare Hompo Debuted! Check Out Info about the NEW Division! 





Boss(  'ω') “Hello everyone, I’m Otaku Republic’s Boss. Speaking of Osaka… I wonder if people have this kind of image about this city~”



★What kind of image of Osaka do Japanese people have?

It’s the city where many comedians, who were very popular in 1980s, are from. People who live in Osaka are meddlesome, tend to keep closer distance to people, have roles of funny man and straight man in conversation and like anything flashy… Like this, they have such unique characters. Some people might be “friendly with full of human warmth” and others might be “loud and over-friendly”. Please note that it doesn’t mean that everybody in Osaka applies to these images.








●Osaka’s famous gourmet, Takoyaki. It’s so delicious so give it a try if you come.





Saori(゜∇ ゜) “Speaking of Chara in Anime and games, who are from Osaka… Hattori Heiji-Kun and Toyama Kazuha-Chan from Meitantei Conan.”







Boss(  'ω') “So! What kind of Chara does this Division, which such a city, Osaka, governs, have….? Check it out!”









★Osaka Division Unit Song【Ah Osaka Dreamin' Night







★白膠木簓(Nurude Sasara






Occupation: A comedian

The leader of Osaka Division. He loves to make people laugh. His conversation skills always make people laugh but in his private life, he somehow keeps giving everybody ‘dad jokes’. He used to pair up with Tsutsujimori Roshou, who was also a member of the Osaka Division but they ended up breaking up the duo since Tsutsujimori was painfully shy that he couldn’t talk in front of people. He realized that he was far behind Nurude when it comes to talent in conversation. He used to smoke in the past version but now he no longer smokes, having candies, instead.


Nurude used to pair up with Aohitsugi Samatoki, who was the leader of Yokohama Division, and govern a part of Ikebukuro. You’ll see more details in the prequel of comics version.





★躑躅森盧笙(Tsutsujimori Roshou)






Occupation: A teacher

Nurude Sasara and he used to be in the comedy duo before.

He is popular and dependable among all the students. He knows he gets too nervous in front of many people that he really cannot speak in front of them. That is why he chose to take a path with Nurude-San in Osaka Division, after he left the comedy duo.

Nurude says he is so serious that he can be deceived by people.




★天谷奴零(Amayado Rei)






Occupation: A swindler

He is a 43-year-old man, who publicly calls himself a swindler.

He is very sociable, always with smiles on his face but he also does whatever it takes to make things work. He has his own aesthetics, where he has belief that he never breaks his promises.


Actually, he has already appeared in the comic version, where he contacted with Yamada Saburo, introducing himself with Yumeno Gentaro’s editor.







Boss(  'ω') “Is this manga-version official?”


Saori(゜∇ ゜) “Yes, it is! The title is “Hypnosismic -Before The Battle- The Dirty Dawg”, which was made into comic-version from its prequel! In this story, the world of Hypnosismic, five years ago, is depicted and the characters who have already appeared, pair up with some different characters in the units. It’s a deep story full of fate and circumstances…!”








Boss(  'ω') “I see. Then Chara of Osaka Division who appeared this time, had already appeared in the comic-version, huh?”


Saori(゜∇ ゜) “Yes! I’ve heard that they used to work on things in a different area, not as the Osaka Division, though…?







Saori(゜∇ ゜) “Hypnosismic is HOTTER than ever before with the NEW Division formed! I’ll feature another unit which will debut in November in the next article!”







Already now! I’ll see you at the next article! Bye now~!

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