Doujinshi Events in 2017! Over 10,000 Doujinshi!



Boss(  'ω') “Hello everyone! It will expire on 7th! Go hurry if you want to purchase a set of $99-Coupon + $5-Coupon! I’m Otaku Republic’s Boss!”


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Saori(゜∇ ゜) “Hello everyone!  I completed Salem! It’s Saori from Otaku Republic!!”






Boss(  'ω')「It’s the latest scenario of Fate/Grand Order, right? Is it fun?”



Saori(゜∇ ゜) “It’s the BEST EVER! It’s way too better than all the scenarios in the past.”



Check out the Doujinshi Event Page! Let’s Read Over 10,000 Doujinshi; Touken Ranbu, Fate, Haikyuu!!... and MORE, Released in the Past!



Boss(  'ω') “It’s quite a big topic here in Japan too, huh? It looks like all the apps hold culmination-like events of the year every December!”


Saori(゜∇ ゜) Then what’s our (Otaku Republic’s) culmination-like event of the year…? I know! We should feature all the Doujinshi events which took place in 2017 in this article!!”


Boss(  'ω') “So that means we are going to share all the events which took place in the past? What’s the point, though?”


Saori(゜∇ ゜) “Actually, it’s kind of hard to find Doujinshi which were released in the past at Otaku Republic! But! From this event page, you might be able to find tons of Doujinshi, which were released in the past with your favorite anime’s title! The more often you check Doujinshi, the more chances you will have to encounter the ones you haven’t met before!”



★Took place in January! Comiket 91 (Winter 2016)  13,211 items



★Took place in March!  HARU COMIC CITY 22 8,346 items



★Took place in May!  SUPER COMIC CITY 26  10,906 items



★Took place in June!  COMIC CITY Tokyo 140 3,436 items



★Took place in July!  TOKYO FES Jul 2017  1,685 items



★Took place in August!  Comiket 92 (Summer 2017)  12,575 items



★Took place in October! COMIC CITY SPARK 12 6,607 items



★And finally…. Kicking off in December!  Comiket 93 (Winter 2017)  576 items



Boss(  'ω') “Wow! They keep coming out more even after the events, huh~?”


Saori(゜∇ ゜) “By the way, you can check from Home Page to see the current events! They are updated irregularly and we sometimes share those infor in our News Letter so don’t miss them out!”




Boss(  'ω') “Yep! You’re correct! You MUST check our News Letter! Mmmm.”


Saori(゜∇ ゜) “Alright then! This is all for today! I hope you will encounter lovely Doujinshi! Bye now~!”


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