Both Beautiful and Manly? A Special Feature for Dansou no Reijin!


Saori∩(´∀`)∩ “Hello everyone! It’s Saori from Otaku Republic! First, check this video out!”





Boss(  'ω')  “Hello everyone. I’m Otaku Republic’s Boss. This character is Cure Chocolat who appeared in KIRAKIRA ☆ PRECURE A LA MODE (the latest version of PRECURE series) aired last week. It’s a transforming scene.”



Saori∩(´∀`)∩ “That’s right! She’s so manly as a woman! So handsome...!! Right after the episode was aired on Sunday, KIRAKIRA ☆ PRECURE A LA MODE has got so much attentions and become so popular with more and more fans saying ‘So handsome!’ or ‘So manly!’ here in Japan!”


Boss(  'ω')  “Guess what? Her voice actor is even from Takarazuka Revue Company(宝塚歌劇団), which is a Japanese opera company that ‘consists of only single women’. In Japan (I mean, to me), since actresses from Takarazuka Revue Company have the image of ‘being manly actresses who can even perform men’s’ role’, she’s the best casting for her.”



Saori(゜∇ ゜)   “We hardly see this kind of beautiful women who look like men in reality but we express such people Dansou no Reijin (男装の麗人)】(beautiful woman dressed as a man / crossdressing womanin anime or manga world!”


Boss(  'ω')  “I bet there are quite a lot in anime or manga. What characters for instance?”


Saori(σゝ∀・)σ “Alright, let me share some of them with you all then! Both Beautiful and Manly? Here is a Special Feature for Dansou no Reijin!”



Both Beautiful and Manly? Here Is A Special Feature for Dansou no Reijin!



★Sapphire Princess Knight



★Sailor Uranus / Tenou Haruka  Sailor Moon



★Tenjō Utena Revolutionary Girl Utena



★Oscar The Rose of Versailles



★Shirogane Naoto Persona4



★Tsugumi Seishirō  Nisekoi



★Maria Tachibana Sakura Taisen



★Shikyouin Hibiki PriPara



★Fujioka Haruhi / Ouran High School Host Club



★Yagyuu Kyuubei / Gintama



★Kino / Kino no Tabi (Kino's Journey)



Boss(  'ω')  “They are all so handsome! I thought though... somehow their image colors are mostly cold colors such as blue or purple, no?”


Saori(゜∇ ゜)   “That’s true! It seems that there are fewer Dansou no Reijin characters who have bright image colors like Cure Chocolat! Maybe that’s because men basically have the cold color image.”



Boss(  'ω')  “I know those characters must have each reason why they disguise but I also love the ‘gap’ between their manly looks and a little girly looks when they change to ordinary clothes or withdraw their transformations. I cannot wait to see how Cure Chocolat is going to perform now!”


Saori∩(´∀`)∩ “There were a lot fewer in numbers than I had expected but how did you like all those Dansou no Reijin characters? I hope there will be more from now on~! This is all for today! See y’all!”



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