☆Special Ayami Times☆ The result of Touken Ranbu Popularity Vote




Here comes the result!  Touken Ranbu Uchigatana Popularity Vote!




A( =ω=) Hello everybody, I haven’t got the Nihongou yet.  It’s Ayami from Otaku Republic.


S(●´∀`)σ Hello everyone!  I’ve got the Nihongou!  It’s Saori from Otaku Republic!  (It finally came after about ten trials!  Yeah!  Right now, I’ve been trying hard, going around to get Akashi Kuniyuki!)








A( =ω=) The subject about the new character, who is rare, strong and has a lovely voice, is enough right now.  Why don’t we just announce the result of Touken Ranbu Popularity Vote PartⅠ?  You ready?


S(●´∀`)σ)=ω=) Come on!  Don’t get sulky!!

Actually, I had been worried if we would be able to get enough votes and comments since it was the very first popularity vote that Ayami conducted...  But, it looks like I didn’t need to worry about that!  I saw such passionate votes and comments to each character!




A( =ω=) Thank you all very much for voting!  I was so happy to see more and more votes and comments each day!  Now, here’s the result.  Touken Ranbu Uchigatana Popularity Vote, the glorious 1st place is.....





Now, now, please look at the fruit of our labor!




1st place: Nakigitsune








A( =ω=) The 1st place went to Nakigitsune!  Congratulations!


S(●ゝ∀・)σ “Yahoooooo!!!!  That’s it!  That’s the silky hair!  Fluffy!!  I bet all the votes came to both human and fox versions of Nakigitsune!  I mean, I didn’t show favoritism to him... but anyways, it’s so awesome that he got No.1 among all the great candidates!!  Congrats!!!  I’ll give him a piece of deep-fried tofu (‘Abura-age’ in Japanese) for a treat!”








S(●ゝ∀・)σ As soon as the election started, he was in the top, you know?  He stayed in that position until the end!  That’s our Nakigitsune!


A( =ω=) Actually, he was in 1st place far ahead of other candidates on the very first day of the election.  He remained there until the last day without being taken over, right?  Oh, you know what?  I saw the real one at the museum.


SΣ(°д°lll) “Seriously!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”








A( =ω=) Look at this slender body and brilliantly glittering silver color....  It sure did look like Nakigitsune!


S (´,,・ω・,,`) “Right!  It sure is so beautiful...  This sword will be our ally in the far future, right...  I gotta offer him some Abura-age now.”


■Trivia: Abura-age■

It’s a thinly-cut deep-fried tofu.

Since tofu is made out of soy beans, some fox characters try to grow soy beans, cherishing them.

If you dip it into hot water, it gets moist and sweet.  You can even eat the dried-Abura-age with a crunchy texture.  Either way, Abura-age makes all variations of cooking even more delicious.

The Udon (thin noodle) with this Abura-age called “Kitsune (fox) Udon”.  It’s super yummy!








A( =ω=) “Stop now, you’re making me hungry now.”





Please look at this, master. Nakigitsune's accomplishment.




A( =ω=) Personally, I liked everybody, who voted for him, calling him his nickname,‘Naki’!  (Most Japanese fans call him just ‘Nakigitsune’ though.)  Naki!  This sounds adorable, doesn’t it.....?  Guess what?  Nakigitsune’s 1/8-scale figure will be released in the future!  Look forward to it too!








S(●゜∀゜)σ Naki sounds like Tokyo Ghoul, don’t you think?!








A( =ω=)  (You have no sense of choosing good pictures, as usual...)

Nope, Nakigitsune is just like Kaneki-Kun.


S(●゜∀゜) “That’s it.  They are so alike.”








【Why did I vote for him?】


  Out of all the uchigatana Naki has the cutest personality. His enthusiasm and overly dramatic way of phrasing things makes having him as your leader fun.  I still lol every time he says one of his equip lines or when I put him in for repairs. Plus, unlike some other uchigatana who seem to be annoyed by you, Naki asks cute stuff like where did you go master? Also he has a really cool character design. The mask makes him feel mysterious but his messy, fluffy hair draws you in and makes you want to pat him on the head!


I really like his mask!


I never play this game before, but I think he's a interesting character.


His white hair is so cute and I love his voice!




A( =ω=) There were many comments saying that they not only like his personality but they also like that mask!  There is also a comment saying that he/she is into Nakigitsune, even though he/she has never played the game!  Yes, you will be an awesome Saniwa!  Why don’t you play Touken Ranbu if you have the chance, okay?!







S(●´∀`)σ Again, congratulations on 1st place, Nakigitsune!!  Now, here comes 2nd place...!




2nd place: Kashuu Kiyomitsu





Horse eyes are cute.








A( =ω=) You are the one that is cute!  The brilliant 2nd place went to Kashuu KiyomitsuCongratulations!!  There are many comments saying they chose him as a Starter Sward, just like what I did!


 S(´,,・ω・,,`) “About him... I think he is rather a special character.  Saniwa, who does’t have him yet, might think that Saniwa, who has him, has a girly personality, but just lets him join you and spend time with him...  I’m sure you will be knocked out with his bravery and pitiful personality!!”


【Why did I vote for him?】


I love him even before playing the game or I should say the main reason I play Touken Ranbu is because I want to see Kashuu Kiyomitsu in the game. He's pretty, obviously. He has a tragic past, poor my little Kashuu. He's earnest, so devoted to his saniwa, who is ME. His voice is like tingling to my ears & I super love his outfit, except that damn high heels -_-


I love his design a lot!
Kiyomitsu is love, Kiyomitsu is life!


I love his beautiful nails...


Precious cashew nut


I adore Kashuu! He was my starter sword, and he's so funny, I couldn't help falling in love.


A( *=ω=) Want to cherish Kiyomitsu who has a sad past!  His nails are pretty!  Love his voice!  Yep, yep!  I clearly understand what everybody says about him!  But....


S(●・ω・) But?








A( =ω=) I found some comments saying, “I like Kiyomitsu but I don’t buy those high heels.....”  They look so bad?!  He’s wearing them so perfectly, you know?


S(●´ω`)σ Oh well, it’s sure that high heels are generally worn by women, right....?  They look so good on Kiyomitsu though.  By the way, did you know that he not only tries to be more fashionable by wearing them, but he also improves his fighting skill since kicking the enemies with those heels can hurt them at the same time.  He does this to devote a victory to Saniwa.  He has such a great idea, doesn’t he?








A( *=ω=) “Please get rid of that scary idea though.”





What? Is petting me fun?








A( =ω=) Yes, it’s so fun.  I sometimes double-click Kiyomitsu’s mole, just because I want to hear this line by him.


S(●・ω・) Maybe nobody’s doing such a thing except Ayami....  (By the way, we cannot tell where the mole is in this picture, though...)


A Σ( =ω=) Really?!  I thought it was a major way of playing among Kiyomitsu’s fans...  Kiyomitsu’s smiling mole is one of his charms, right?!


S(●・ω) “Okay, the mole might be his charm but the idea of picking it is scary, so please do not play that way.”





I don't like jobs that make me dirty...








A( =ω=) Even though he complains at the beginning like that,





I finished the errand~ I'm so tired~








A( =ω=) he always finishes his work well.  Good job, Kiyomitsu!  The line, “I'm so tired~” is so adorable, isn’t it?  Even though he couldn’t reach Nakigitsune’s 1st place, congratulations on 2nd place!


S(●´ω`)σ “I’m sure Ayami’s love surely reached the fans all around the world, though!  Since he was 2nd place on the popularity vote, he brilliantly got No.1 on characters which can be a member of the party at the beginning!  Why don’t you pick Kiyomitsu, who is loved by everybody in the world, as your first partner, if you are thinking of playing Touken Ranbu?”




A( =ω=) “Next, I’ll announce 3rd place!”




3rd place: Yamanbagiri Kunihiro








3rd place: Heshikiri Hasebe








A( =ω=) Guess what?  There are two characters in 3rd place!  Even though Manba-Chan was in the 3rd place at the beginning, Hasebe powerfully started chasing him right before the election ended!


S(●・ω・)σ Hasebe was chasing him so quickly.....  It might have been easy for him since he’s always swift like that, you know?  I can’t believe it 100%, but I’m sure he can do that.  That’s why we’re always worried.





Horsekeeping duty though it may be, if it's an order from the master...








A( =ω=) Hasebe……you can just say it if you don’t want to do it!  Even though his loyalty is one of his attractions...


S(●・ω・)σ Right!  I think, on the contrary, that his attitude which he never shows his weakness, or he tries to keep calming down at any time, is the secret of the victory.  And plus, all the Saniwa in the world, who love him, must be heartwarming people, thinking that they want him to rely on their masters (players) more.


【Comments to Hasebe】


He is very cute! I love Mitsutada also!


He's very loyal to his master!!! Aaanndd we have to admit he has a very nice voice.





I'm doing this because you're the one who ordered it.








A( =ω=) This line by Yamanbagiri is a little similar to the line by Hasebe that I just wrote.  It’s a little blunt way of saying but I can see, from what he said, that he admits Saniwa as his master!  And I like it!


S(●・ω・)σ “Unlike Hasebe, he shows the players only his weakness, right?  So I always feel like encouraging to him, “Since you are strong enough, just be more confident!”  They have totally opposite characters and both got 3rd place...  Maybe this is some kind of destiny...?”


A( =ω=) “Manba-Chan does not necessarily have just a servile character though....  I really think that way from his line, “I’m not a fake!”  Manba-Chan was copied from the original.  But at the same time, he is superior as a sword too.  There are so many things we can be attracted by him or sympathize with him, since he tries so hard having complex.


【Comments to Yamanbagiri】


"Ore wa, ore da!"


My precious starter with a complex personality!




S(●・ω・)σ “That’s all that ranked in the top three!  Congratulations all!!!”


A( =ω=) “If the category of the vote was different, such as ‘Ranking of Characters that look good on a jersey’, the result might have been different... maybe?  Congratulations, Manba-chan and Hasebe~”









5th place Kasen Kanesada



Forgive me. Because I am of liberal arts, I attacked it with brute force.






【Comments from everybody】


I originally chose him as my starter sword because his design is so pretty (Purple AND flowers? Heck yeah!) and I've grown attached to him. I like how he's beautiful but also fierce.


Out of all the Uchigatana's he's got the most personality to my. It's also nice seeing a character's who like the arts and pretty even in a time where that's no common.




6th place Yamato no Kami Yasusada



Are you playing a different game?






【Comments from everybody】


He is Okita Souji's sword for sure~


He's so beautiful, loyal and calm, but I feel like he has a dangerous side, too... it's exciting!


I fell in love with him at first sight! He's one of the characters I got into the earliest, pretty much at the beginning, when I became interested in the game. I guess he's just my type... I love feminine boys! I love everything about him... I mean, his hair, his eyes, his facial expressions... he's so cute! And his personality... I love the contrast between his usual attitude (calm, kind, sweet...) and his aggressive side, the one he shows when dealing with fights and duels. He even feels a bit creepy to me sometimes... but that only makes me like him more! He's more intriguing like that, in my opinion. Oh, and last, but not least, I love his backstory and how it is laced with Kashuu's. They really are a great pair of characters. (By the way, Kashuu is my second favorite of the list.)




6th place Souza Samonji



Is it all right? This arrangement.






【Comments from everybody】


cute af


He needs more love


Souza is a tragic cinnamon roll who must be protected at all costs.




8th place Mutsunokami Yoshiyuki



For me, I think it's enough if I have this gun, right?








8th place Nagasone Kotetsu



Phew, can we take a break?






【Comments from everybody】


Nagasone's character design is one of my favorites in the game. Also the feeling of when I finally got him after hunting for him for so long was priceless. He's one of my favorite swords of all time. I treasure him dearly.




A( =ω=) Amazing result here too.  There were two each on 6th and 8th place.


S(●・ω・)σEven though the candidates ranked in the top competed so closely, the ones that got 6th and 8th also competed so close too!


A( =ω=) Actually, votes of the candidates under Kasen that got 4th place were so close.  Anybody could get 3rd place, you know...?  We couldn’t predict who would get the one until the end of the election.


S(●・ω・)σ.....Mmmm... really...?  I don’t see the character that I chose as my partner at the beginning...  You can’t be serious, right....




10th place Hachisuka Kotetsu






A( =ω=) No way, Hachisuka-San.... It’s gotta be kidding, right?


S(●` ω´)σ “Kidding?”, huh?  I’m sure that’s because Ayami put the picture of Gold Saints jokingly!”



☆Special Ayami Times☆ 

Who’s your favorite Uchigatana?  Touken Ranbu Popularity Vote in Summer!





A( =ω=) I’m so sorry.  It’s not gonna happen again...  I won a Hachisuka-San’s key holder when I went to Touken Ranbu’s café, but it was so cute.


S(●` ω´)σ “I, who always choose the partner on the basis of how effective it is in the game, chose him!  He is strong!  Beautiful!  And cool!  Then why the lowest?  I just cannot believe the result!  I’ll protest for him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  His personality is so good too!  (Except the older brother)  He’s strict but kind and polite!  (Except to his older brother)”







A( =ω=) Yes, it’s cute.








A( =ω=) By the way, these are the drink menu when I was there.  Hachisuka-San’s drink is ginger-ale.  The ice-cream on top might have been imaged by his hair?  It looked pretty and tasted delicious too!




S(●-ω-) Jururi (drooling)...  It looks delicious...  It’s great information that matches with his gorgeous appearance.....  Why didn’t you tell us earlier...... Then he would have ranked higher.







A( =ω=) So, the character who ranked in 10th place was Hachisuka Kotetsu (because of me).  But you know what?  His two brothers are so rare that we can hardly get them....


S(●・ω・) We never know anything about Hachisuka-San’s brothers until we can get Urashima-Kun or Nagasone-San, right?  Those two even dropped in the event currently taking place in Touken Ranbu!


A( =ω=) That means, nobody has realized how attractive Hachisuka-San is, right?





Not yet... It's not over...!








A( =ω=) Look forward to how good Hachisuka-San works at the next vote!  Thank you all for voting!  I think it was such a hot ranking which anybody could be in the top ranking!







A( =ω=) 。o0 (But I want to vote for Kogitsunemaru next time....)


S(●´∀`)σ Well now, see you guys at the next Ayami Times!


A&S ( =ω=)人(●´∀`) See you then~!





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