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Doujinshi - Anthology - Natsume Yuujinchou / Matoba x Natsume (的夏アンソロジー「えんむすび」) / Autarukia
One of the best!
Ordering, payment, and shipping was super easy! I ordered this along with 4 other doujinshi. I even received a free gift of a folder. The prices and shipping are reasonable and fast! Definitely will purchase from again. One of the best experiences I've had with a doujinshi seller.
Doujinshi - Anthology - KILL la KILL / Gamagori Ira x Mankanshoku Mako (あんまりイライラしないで あなたはいつでもマコマコ) / Virginia Room
A very fun doujinshi and arrive in perfect condition great job guys ^^
Doujinshi - UtaPri / Ren Jinguji x Camus (distance〜Yours Forever〜) / RobinGoodfellow
doujinshi - UtaPri / Ren x Camus
super doujinshi, the story is excellent and superb. The history between Camus and Ren is very touching and beautiful, Volume 2
Doujinshi - Yowamushi Pedal / Naruko x Imaizumi (ポートレートアナライシス) / Hachimitsu Lolly Gag
This doujinshi is absolutely great. Nothing to say.
The art is pretty, the story melts you away... it has everything a doujinshi needs to be perfect.

And as usual, the shipping and package were perfect, and it arrived really fast.

Thanks, OtakuRepublic!! :D
(USED) Doujinshi - UtaPri / Camus & Haruka (Stay with me) / COLOR PALETTE
doujinshi - UtaPri / Camus x Haruka
wonderful doujinshi, my very first doujinshi, and frankly I was not disappointed to see it is really beautiful and very pleasant to read. The story is touching. Haruka shows the key here aristocrat Camus and finds himself in the project go ... A must read ^ ^
(USED) Doujinshi - Manga&Novel - Anthology - Hetalia / Austria x Hungary (0608) / Heute ist die beste Zeit.
Sweet stories about Austria and Hungary
The doujinshi starts with 4-5 beautiful color pages with Austria and Hungary. Half of the doujinshi are about the life of Austria and Hungary (marriage, slice of life parts, meeting other nations, ...). The other half is the novel part. Unfortunately I can't read Japanese so I have no clue what the novel part is about.

The doujinshi was in mint condition and I got it very quickly. Thank you, Otaku Republic!
(USED) Doujinshi - Hetalia / Sweden & Norway (何考えてるのか分からない人) / Kokemani
A SwedenxNorway Doujinshi
Even if Sweden and Norway are on the cover of this doujinshi and people probably get it's a story about them as a pair, it should be tagged on Otaku Republic as SwedenxNorway.

To the doujinshi itself: It was in good condition and the story was nice. It's always nice to see Sweden and Norway as a couple. Hope the circle will make more stories about these two Nordics.
(USED) Doujinshi - Omnibus - Hetalia / United Kingdom x Japan (Primrose 秋桜再録集) / Akizakura
Nice collection book with sweet EnglandxJapan stories
I was a bit surprised to see that "Primrose" is a collection of 5 doujinshis from Akizakura ( 秋桜 ) which are also sold out individually.

All stories were quite sweet, funny or romantic. I really liked it and don't regret that I bought this collection book :).
(USED) Doujinshi - Anthology - Hetalia / Denmark x Sweden (Berwald) (DISCOMMUNICATION) / dropshadow
Everything is perfect. Fast shipping, very good condition.

Thank you :D
(USED) Doujinshi - K-ON! (けいにゃん! 2) / Purin Dou
Doujinshi - K-ON!
Great product, arrived in a perfect packaging. Thanks for the communication too, and all your nice replies when we had trouble with the transporter.
(USED) Doujinshi - Vanguard / Sendou Aichi (Get! Happy Birthday Trigger) / GAIA666
I Love it it so good
Doujinshi - UtaPri / Camus x Haruka Nanami (TRICK OR...) / astral
doujinshi - UtaPri / Camus x Haruka
this doujinshi describes a promise between Haruka and Camus.
Doujinshi - UtaPri / Camus x Haruka Nanami (となりにいてもいいですか?) / astral
doujinshi - UtaPri / Camus x Haruka
this doujinshi describes a dispute between Haruka and Camus, a wonderful story and very touching. Astral is one of the circles to have in his collection of doujinshi. With a neat and beautiful design. The more pars works Astral is always on the couple Haruka x Camus Camus Cecil x or x Haruka Sempai. It is a circle that I really appreciate.
(USED) Doujinshi - UtaPri / Ren x Shou (clash!) / NOCHE
doujinshi - UtaPri / Ren x Shou
a circle that always offers great doujinshi, has in his own collection ^^
Doujinshi - UtaPri / Shou x Haruka (QUICK KISS) / 106
doujinshi - UtaPri / Shou x Haruka
a beautiful and very funny doujinshi, ranked No. 1 in the standings, having in his collection ^ ^
Doujinshi - Sailor Moon / Masato & Camus & Cecil (美青年戦士セーラーカミューン) / Snowful
doujinshi - UtaPri / Cecil et Camus & Masato
a beautiful and very funny doujinshi, which describes Uta no prince sama heroes play Sailor Moon. A must read ^ ^