Yukiho Hagiwara

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Yukiho Hagiwara is a timid angel.

She dislikes men and dogs, always has negetive thinking. Therefore people who sees her first might think "she's a bit gloomy".

Actually when I started watching anime, I thought so, too. However, her charm is "guts to stand agains what she dislikes".

In order to change her shy personality, she aspired for the world of an idol. Certainly her legs shake and she almost cries when she gets up on stage because of anxiety.

However, she never ran away.

There are days she is disappointed because of things not turning right.. she overcomes that with her guts and effort.As anime goes on,it becomes clear that she grows up.

I'm not exaggerating that she is one of the idols who grew up a lot in anime!(I think those who changed a lot are Chihaya, Miki and Yukiho!)

I especially recommend the 3rd episode of the anime!It describes her first challenge for live with her friends!Personally I recommend the 22nd episode! (She marks her birthday on the 22nd episode!)

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