Uzumaki Naruto

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He is a central chractor dattebayo! He is a class clown and has blond-spiky hair. Three lines on his cheeks are his trademark. He is “the one” who is sealed nine-tail fox demon in his body. His classmates hate and criticize him. He is so poor. However, he met good teachers and a few friends who understand him. Slowly, his inherited hard work made village folks accept him.

He can utilize wind chakra. Among those chakra, he mastered difficulty class s “Rasengan”only in short period. This is just what you’d expect from Naruto. He assumes an important position under the Ninja War Three. What will he feel and gain and how will he grow up? It is spectacular and feeling good to see strong hero sweep enemies. Will he become Hokage, who heads up the village, in someday? Don’t miss it!

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