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Uraraka Ochako is the main heroin of Boku no Hero Academia(My Hero Academia).
She is a 1st-year student (Hero Department 1-A, No.5) at U.A. High School, who is a classmate with the main character, Midoriya Izuku. Her Quirk is Zero Gravity.
Her birthday is December 27th. Her height is 156cm. (5'10½"). The blood type is B. She is from Mie Prefecture.
Her favorite things are a starry sky and Japanese food. By the way, the most favorite food is rice cake.

Uraraka Ochako has a bob cut, always with warm smiles on her face, being a little bit off.
She sometimes digs into what people say but they are quite straightforward and had no sarcasm in them. Since she’s from west side of Japan, she sometimes has the local accent.(*´∀`*)

She usually gets along well with anybody and is able to create a comfortable atmosphere being with people. She even tries to talk to ‘shy’, ‘flirty’ type of people (Ex.Kaminari Denki) or ‘selfish’ type of people (Ex.Bakugou Katsuki).
She usually hangs around with Asui Tsuyu (a girl’s friend) and Midoriya Izuku or Iida Tenya (boys’ friends) who she first met when they took the entrance exam.

The No.1 reason why Uraraka Ochako wants to be the Hero is because of ‘MONEY’. She’s cute and looks a little slow but actually, she ‘s quite a realistic girl…. (*´・ω・)(・ω・`*)
Her family owns a small construction company but unfortunately, they really don’t have many contracts with clients. Therefore, her family has been poor since she was little. Then she suggested that she should work for her parents in the future, making use of her personality. However, her father rejected that idea saying, “I would be happier if you make your own dream come true”. She decided to go to U.A. High School for her parents who encouraged her and to become the Hero for her future! How strong she is… I’m gonna cry…(;_;)

The Hero name is Uravity.
It’s the mixture of her name and the Quirk! Cute, huh?

And let me explain about Uraraka Ochako’s Quirk, Zero Gravity!

Uraraka Ochako has paws on the tips of her fingers. When she touches the objects with all her five fingers, she can make them zero gravity. It says that she can make the objects, which weigh up until about three tons, zero gravity. Now she’s been training more so she can make objects weighing even heavier float.
Also, she’s able to do it for herself but she needs more power to do that. If she actually makes herself or the objects which are heavier than the one with limited weights, she throws up. She is a heroine, though! Lol

I think most of you have the image about her, being cute, a little slow, cheerful… reading this article so far. BUT! She has a little cool personality too!( ー`дー´)

You can see her side when U.A. High School had a sports festival. Especially when she competed against Bakugou Katsuki.
Bakugou Katsuki has a high fighting skill in battles so everybody thinks he’s strong, admiring him as well.
But Uraraka Ochako was so brave that she planned the strategy to win the competition and actually fought against him. The competition is that she makes Bakugou Katsuki zero gravity and get him out of the playground.
It would never work unless she actually touches him but it did’t work well even after she tried a multiple times since Bakugou Katsuki’s reflexes were too fast.

Uraraka Ochako is such a brave and cool girl, who never be scared of anybody even if the person has higher skills than her. The way she looks is the Hero!
I bet you will fall in love with her after you see her serious look which is quite an opposite look of her being a normal and cute when she’s fighting. Go check it right now!
Cute, cool and hard-a working girl for her future! We cannot keep an eye from Uraraka Ochako!
Guess what? Look forward to the love story with Midoriya Izuku too! (人´∀`)

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