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Toriko is “food battle comic with new sense” which has not existed before. Fascinations of this comic and anime are story that young child can easily understand, battle having tremendous impact giving you willies and many foods look very delicious depicted as if they really exist! For example, unique and interesting foods which make you say “what is that!?” such as “banana cucumber” and “caramel shrimp” and “jewel meat” and “century soup” which make your stomach comply. They don’t exist in real but I cannot stop hoping that I wish if I could eat them (*^_^*)
You will feel as if your dream has come true since the central character Triko eats candy house having tremendous impact which everyone dreamed when they are child! It is understandable that Toriko is popular from elementary school students to adults.

The central character Troko is a hunter called “Bisyokuya” who seeks excellent foods which no one has ever seen. Komatsu is a young chef who cooks excellent meal with ingredients which Triko hunted.
While Triko is so strong that he is called four heavenly kings and yoked, he is very kind and has warmth. I absolutely love the gap between his looks and personality!! Put simply, he is cool with no argument! (^O^)

The story develops around these two characters. This story is not only about hunting ingredients but also tells the author’s thinking “meats and vegetables which we usually eat were alive so eat them with gratitude” that gets me thinking. Triko let me think naturally not to waste foods. Triko is full of teaching. I recommend children who are picky about food and leave food on their plate to read Triko! Something will change (^_^) I really recommend adults too to read Triko if they do not dislike eating lol

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