Tonbokiri (Touken Ranbu)

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The character which is classified as “Yari” has a higher ability in “Impact” compared to other characters, and it can give great damage to the enemy. Also, since it has such a high ability in “Survival Hit-Point”, it can endure the offense by the enemy again and again. You just thought, “that’s it?” didn’t you? This isn’t all regarding how awesome “Yari” is. ( ・`ω・´)

All the characters appearing in the game can use the “Troops” called, “Armory”. The troops can raise the ability level for the character, such as the ability of offense, defense and swiftness. The number of the troops that each character can possess is limited. For instance, “Tantou” can possess one and “Uchigatana” and most of the “Tachi” can possess two. The sword which is high in rarity is exceptional though. For example, the sword which has the highest rarity level called, “Mikazuki Munechika” can possess and use three kinds of troops. Σ(・□・ )When they go to the battlefield, those troops will be the characters’ shields and get attacked. That means, the more troops you have, the more time it takes to defeat the enemy, sometimes.....

But guess what! “Yari” is the only sword that can give the enemy damage not matter how many troops they have. It will surely reduce the enemy’s Hit-Point, so it’s so reassuring if you have it in your team. (`・ω・´) You have to be very careful if the “Yari” is in the enemy though....

“Yari”’s dependable representative character is Tonbokiri! Just like his strong-looking appearance, he has higher status than any other character and is able to endure hardship. His name came from the story of a dragonfly (tombo) that landed on the tip of the sword and was cut (kiri) in half. I bet the Yari must have been super sharp to cut it. (((;゚Д゚))) It’s such a sharp sword that can cut whatever it touches... Maybe he is so scary....?


I am here. Call for me whenever you wish

No way, don’t worry about it! Tonbokiri himself is such a calm character and he interacts with his master, which is a player, so politely! The gap between his usual gentleness and manliness in the battle is so awesome. If Tonbokiri accepts me as his master and serve me.... Maybe I would be more confident as if I became an honorable person? ...Because you know what? His former owner was...! This man!

Yes, “surely”, I should be... ( ´д`) Maybe some of you have already noticed it but I haven’t been able to get “Tonbokiri”, ever since I started playing this game! Even though I have beat enemies so many times on the stage which was allegedly where he shows up, he has never showed up yet..... It can’t be helped. ...Because he has great strength with value, which is directly proportional to the hard level....! I wish I could get him and hear his voice though... (´×ω×`)

By the way, Tonbokiri and another “Yari” character shown in the game, Otegine, are two of the three most excellent “Yari” in Japan. That means.... Yes, there’s one more in there! I wonder when it’s going to appear in the game... Can’t wait, right? .゚+:ヾ(*・ω・)シ.:゚+。

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