Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side (ときめきメモリアル Girl's Side)

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Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side is a game that you control a girl who is an alter ego of you and fall in love with wonderful male characters! Whereas in Tokimeki memorial, you control male character and fall in love with girls, in Tokimeki Memorial Girl’s Side, you can experience the reverse! Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side 3 has been released in Japan and the subject of the game is “school life”!
You will live three years school life with various male characters and the goal of this game is that your favorite male character tells you how he feels on the graduation day!

The sequel has an ending you can be “close friends” with male characters and “VS mode”that you compete with other female character for the same male character. In Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side 3, “love triangle mode” was prepared. In that mode, male characters compete with each other for you. There are many bits which make story more interestin!
As just described, this game has system components which seek reality. It values every day of 365 days * 3 years. There are school events regularly. You can improve your favorite character’s favorability rating by coordinate fad clothing and his favorite clothing with moonlighting money and you can decide date plan. You can develop a romantic relationship like in actual world! Doujinshi of the latest Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side 3 is very popular. Especially, those books in which central character Bamibi (nick name) gets along together with Sakurai Ruka, Shitara Seiji or Konno Tamao!

This kind of game is called Otome Game and Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side and Angelique were the precursors of Uta no Prince-sama, Hakuouki, AMNESIA and Sangoku Rensenki whose are also categorized as Otome Game!
Well, those who have not played this game yet, why don’t you spend wonderful there years with good-looking boys? (*´∀`)

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