Tanaka Gandamu

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Tanaka Gandamu is a breeding committee of the Super High School Level Animal Handler.

He is the character who embodied "Chuunibyou"「厨二病」, who has bandages on the left arm and an odd eyes, and chooses and uses the complicated words. But he understands the importance of the responsibility of keeping an animal more than anyone and contacts with an animal with love, so actually he is a soft-hearted boy.

He keeps a hamster, but Sonia comes to love the hamster, and Souda who loves Sonia is jealous of it ... We can see such a triangular love(?) affair in a game !

His charm is his "strange atmosphere" and the prettiness of a hamster sort of neutralizing it !We understand it at playing a game, but, anyway, the hamster is pretty! I love the hamster posing prettily according to his laughter like the villain!
Seemingly I thought that it would be a mismatch, but it shows a human like him mysterious more and more !

He is a mysterious character also in the Doujinshi and plays a interesting role that shows Chuunibyou character, and enlivens a talk !

He has another charm.
But I cannot write it because it would touch greatly the confidence of the story.

I realized once more what kind of thing "live" and "die" through his words are. I think that Hinata Hajime, the hero is probably the same.

I cannot forget his figure looking down at hamsters which he put on his palm with his gentle smile.... I think that he is a character with a great heart not to be able to be judged by the appearance !

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