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It could be said that the origin of the series which robot has a life and fight with enemies is “Transformers”. I guess there are many men and women who admire Optimus Prime, who is more human than a human being. There are so many characters in the story that you feel happy to find a similar character to you, and find yourself being troubled or angry along with character. Or there must be a time that you may find yourself wondering if the ‘coffee’ that they are drinking is actually a coffee. Over the space-time and the universe, the story of Transformers is still spreading out rapidly.

The toy of Transformers is similar to movable figure, and it has created huge sales around the world. Even in Japan, it was said that every family has at least one figure, regardless of gender. It is said that the fight between Zoids (androids based on dinosaurs) and Transformers (mechanics like a human) is still remain unsettled.
Moreover, there are quite many characters which were unable to be used for various reasons in the story, even though they were specifically designed for Transformers. Some of them were used for other animations because of efficiency. I guess such a beautiful mechanic design is one of the charms that attract people into the Transformers.

Among all Transformers, I think that Optimus Prime is a robot that makes you think he is a human being, just like you are. He is so strong and cool that he could be a first love for some characters; he often does things carelessly at the forefront even though he is a commander; and sometimes he is unreliable… these characteristics of Optimus Prime really does makes you think he is a human. Especially at the episode of ‘The target is a Convoy’, you can find unusual fun from Destron, who is the villain yet comical, and Convoy, who is disgusted with human. Moreover, ‘transforming while running!’ is an action that everyone may be the way that everyone went by. I think we could say that Transformer is the work that exceeded the category of robot stories.

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