[Boys Love (Yaoi) : R18] Sheryl Nome

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One of double heroines, Sheryl Nome the fairy of galaxy.

During live tour crossing the galaxy, she meets Alto who is the main character and deepen a friendship.

Later she finds herself in love with Alto, but on the other hand Ranka also finds herself in love with him, resulting in a triangle relationship as sung in the theme song.

She had gone through a hardship when she had no choice but to live as an orphan at early age, but she has overcome the difficulty and became a successful diva.

By the way, the earrings she always wears and treasures are the remainings of her mother.

About Sheryl's live performance you get to see several time in the work, we should note on her sexy costume.

She always says "I rarely provide such service"「こんなサービス、滅多にしないんだからね!」,
but surprisingly she is full of service spirit and has sweet and sour side. She is cute.

In Doujinshi, of course most of the time she is coupled with Alto (surely they make nice couple, but I personally like Ranka better, so I regret about this a bit...)

Anyways, please listen to her song. You'll get deeply hooked on the world of Macross F!


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