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I have thought if I could enter the world of game and be in for an adventure as a character. “Sword Art Online” is set in the future where it is enabled. Characters are in for an adventure in various online games. This is originally a novel on Kawahara Reki’s website. It caught the notice of a bookmaker after his debut by “Accel World” and it was published. It is not rare that popular novel on website is made into book any more, but it was not so seen at the time. I think bookmaker’s forecast is great. Since Kawahara Reki-san knows online game well, interpretation of the world, terms and individualistic rule of each online game in the novel are set in detail. If you have played an online game, you can better understand. Of course there is no problem in the case you think “Online game? What’s that?” like me!

In 2022, official service of “Sword Art Online (SAO)”, which is VRMMORPG (virtual reality massively multiplayer online role-playing game), was started. Almost 10,000 players including the protagonist Kirito was enjoying virtual space. However, Kayaba Akihiko, who is a developer of “SAO” suddenly appeared and dropped a bomb. It means if they can return to the real world just after they completed the game and death in the game is directly connected to the death in the real world. In desperate situation, Kirito is on the front line of the fight and deepen exchange with friends who aim for completing the game together. “Aincrad episodes” aiming for completing “SAO” and the sequel “Fairy dance episodes” were made into anime. At the time of broadcast, the author tweeted supplemental explanations of broadcast content and the inside story. Since the original is novel, visual information was only illustration until anime. When I saw the world and status of a game visually, I felt as if I was in the world of the game. I have no confidence to survive, though. Kirito is strong as may be expected of him. He managed to clear a number of obstacles before he got so strong. However, thanks to his potential ability and cultivating skill by himself, he prides himself on being strong. His strength is almost cheating. I can understand why he is popular among girls.

There are two elements in “Sword Art Online”. One is to complete the game and the other is to capture a girl. Sadly enough (?) there is a legal wife Asuna-san next to Kirito-san... . But I think Leafa and Silca don’t give up him perfectly. There is a charvater called Sinon in anime but go for it Lisbeth! I am on your side!! She appears as a daughter of blacksmith. She puts on a superb performance in making Kirito’s sword. She feels drawn to Kirito during acting with Kirito... . But she stepped aside for her best friend Asuna-san... . I guess she makes a loss often since she is good to work for like a older sister... . I want her to be happy in some day.
A long-awaited sequel in anime has been announced. I’m looking forward to what world I can see!

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