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DRAMatical Murder is a yaoi game and NC-17 in Japan. This is the second time for me to play the game which scenario is written by Kabura Fuchii, who also wrote “Togainu no Chi” but the one I played is “Sweet Pool”. The opinion written by Fuchii-snesei using the scenario and characters were very interesting. I think I like what Fuchii-sensei thinking and is interested in. I completed in the following order; Koujaku, Noise, Mink, Clear. Basically, this is pop, lighthearted, cyber, near future and a bit horror. Of course there are shambles common in Nitro+CHiRAL games. There is a truth rout. You cannot solve a mystery just by completing one character. Comparing to other games from Nitro+CHiRAL, I think this have mass appeal the most. You can enjoy with a light hear but I think it is also suitable for whom want to explore the story. Good ending is the happiest among Nitro+CHiRAL games and bad ending is as always lol But be careful there is a scene of severance of body.

In the Koujaku story, I smiled unwillingly to see friends from childhood step across a line. He intensifies anger and hate alone. I got excited over bad ending; Koujaku gets mad and Aoba is taken over by his instinct due to guilt feeling. Demonstrative instincts face each other. In the good ending, I knew how difficult to believe each other purely and being pure means feeling hurt easily. When he said “It seems I fall for you”, I said “I knew it!” ^ρ^ The ending is very sweet.

Personally, I am a fan of the voice actor of Noise. I wanted him to appear in yaoi game so I was very happy my cream is come true. He was great! His performance is great!! Excellent! It was low pitch sound we don’t usually hear but it was so cool and sexy. There are too many my favorite lines. He is too genius. I fell in love all over again with him. I want him to appear in more yaoi games. Oops, sorry, I lost myself because of moe about subtitles of his act. He is grumpy but becomes argumentive all the time. That is so cute. He is involuntary pushing junior top, cool-blooded and selfish. My moe toward him would let my head get bold. His way of speaking is my acupuncture point!!!! My drum membrane gets moist when I see a sex scene!!!! Aoba is bombarded with him but makes a bluff. It is so cute!!!! I couldn’t do anything but pant when I play the rout first time. I was suffered from moe from the start to the end. The story is about a boy who doesn’t know pain gets to know emotions and heal relations. He was under the circumstance that he doesn’t know pain and is stress-free. But is that happy or unhappy? At least I can say he doesn’t live his life in a humane manner. After Noise domesticated by Aoba, he became a lover boy. He matured into grown-up man from twinkie in a short period. When he kissed in the storehouse of Oval Tower, I thought if I die from heart ache, this is the time.

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