MONSTER HUNTER (モンスターハンター)

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Monster Hunter is a hunting action game released in 2004. It is super popular and the 13th game is out. This is the game you hunt monsters by long sword, gunlance, hunting horn, and bow. More recent generation, more new weapon classes are included. At this moment, there are more than ten weapon classes and there are more strong monsters.

Appeal of this game is online team play. I used to play Monster Hunter Portable. After school, we gathered at a park to go hunting. The password is “Let’s go hunting”ヽ(・∀・)ノ

I liked to be a hunter who hunts super cool dragons such as Rioreus and Rioreia.
Probability of occurrence of the material I wanted was 1%, so I played the game many hours a day |ω・) But at the beginning, I hunted teacher Yian Kut Ku mostly. Therefore, I had 99 materials for each (`Д´)
I played Monster Hunter Portable from 1st to 3rd and total play time is about 2000 hours. But there is always someone above me. My friend said he hunted 25 hours a day lol I don’t think I can surpass his play time |ω・)

Hunting is of course fun but Airou and Merarou, who cook meal for hunter and help hunting, are cute (´ω`*) You can cultivate the power of them and change their equipment. Pedicel is different from one by one. I tried hard to find my favorite and cultivated the power of it. Since it is cute, they are very popular and there are variety of goods (´ω`*) For your information, there are spin-off games and anime of Airou and Merarou!

By the way, Monster Hunter for PSVita will be released soon! I guess I buy it! Then, let’s play online togetherヽ(・∀・)ノ After a long interval, I want to play Monster Hunter (´ω`*) I’m going home to play it |ω・)

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