[Boys Love (Yaoi) : R18] Ivan Karelin

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Ivan Karelin is the person inside the Origami Cyclone.
Even though he rarely acts as a hero, he's good at flashing his sponsor logo to cameras while other heroes are fighting -- he's quite serious about it.

It's as though a Where's Wally situation. As a hero, he has a decent following, but his core fans are crazy about him.

Barnaby Brooks is his junior fellow of the hero academy, though Barnaby is older than him.
He is also in a good term with Keith Goodman, whom he asks advises as a person like a elder brother.
In many Doujinshi, you can see these combinations.

Personally, I like Ninja costumes of Orgami Cyclone.
I guess you'll also like them.
Ivan Karelin is so Japanized as are you. Don't you feel familiar with him recently?

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