Heisuke Toudou

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Heisuke Toudou

Heisuke Todou is a leader of program eight Shinsengumi and he is short compared to people around him.
He is bright and energetic.

He has been good friends with Chizuru Yukimura since the beginning.
Since he cares so much about Chizuru Yukimura, he strongly cooperate finding Chizuru's father.

Heisuke Todou is especially getting along well with Sanosuke Harada and Shinpachi Nagakura in Shinsengumi.
They often prank each other. It makes people who see joyful.
I recommend episode 10 for the story of those three. Shinpachi Nagakura called Heisuke Todou, and all three fought together. It is cool and impressive scene.

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