Sanosuke Harada

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Sanosuke Harada

He is the leader of the 10th group of Shinsengumi.
It is distinctive feature of him that, different from others, he uses spear instead of sword.

Sanosuke Harada also cares a lot of Chizuru Yukimura, just like other characters from Shinsengumi. He often talk to Chizuru Yukimura. It is very cool when he save Chizuru Yukimura. Personally I recommend episode 7 and 9.
Also,Sanosuke Harada is getting well with Shinpachi Nagakura and Heisuke Toudou.They often prank each other.
I especially want to see episode 10, because it is worth seeing the scene of three of them fight together.

There are many Novels and Doujinshi that depicts Sanosuke Harada and Chizuru Yukimura together.
So, those who like those two, check it out!

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