Hajime Saitou

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Hajime Saitou

Hajime Saito is the leader of the third division of the Shinsengumi, and his sword skill is about equal to Souji Okita's.
He's a quiet person and can make calm decisions but he also participates actively within the Shinsengumi.

Because he is such a quiet person, at first glance he seems to have a cold personality, he worries about Chizuru Yukimura and there are many scenes where he saves her; so really, he is a person with a kind personality.
In episodes 5 and 7 I think Hajime Saito's kindness is shown, so I really recommend watching those!

Out of those, in episode 7 the Hajime Saito who rarely smiles, for just a moment, smiles. While watching it I gave a sigh of relief, so I'd really like you to see it!

Hajime Saito's goods include Poster illustrations that are really cool! I recommend them!

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