Mirage of Blaze (炎の蜃気楼)

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Many supernatural phenomenon have happened around Takaya Ogi, a high school student and his best friend, Yuzuru Narita has also got involved. Their daily lives have changed when Nobutsuna Naoe appeared in front of them. Nobutsuna informed Takaya that Takaya’s former life was Kagetora Uesugi. Setting up the scene at “feudal underworld”, the story will unfold with psychic action.

Naoe had been taking people’s bodies and reincarnating from the beginning of the feudal underworld. Exorcised evil spirits like Uesughi yasha, he is a guardian for Takaya as Kagetora Uesugi. Naoe feels jealousy and hated toward Takaya, but also loves Takaya. His mind was very complicated. On the contrary, Takaya’s memories were sealed up, forgetting about even that he was a leader of yasha and his own abilities at all. Definitely he forgot about the relationship between Naoe. The gap accelerates the development of the story.

Anyways, Naoe was facing toward Tayaka enthusiastically nothing more than that. Naoe was obedience, though, my heart was racing when Naoe’s hidden thought exploded. (Takaya walked away for he realized he coud not respond to Naoe’s feeling). Upheave feeling playing was excellent. Sho Hayami casted, so you will hear his whispring with satisfaction.

After watching all stories, if you go back to the first episode, you can not help but feel sad because I saw the scene Takaya lived just a naughty mouth high student.

The products is not as BL product, however it is natural to see from that point of view. Also, it is fun to see as the story sets the theme with historical samurai worriers and full of romance. It is hillarious the entire original 40 volume story series have been released from Kobalt Bunko. If you are anxious to know the rest of the story, I would like you to enjoy nobel books.

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