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“Toward the Terra” is SF animation produced by Keiko Takemiya. It was broadcasted since April 2007, for two runs of a television series. The set up for the story was based on two planets, one for educating children and another for adults to live in. At 14th birthday, everyone is tested for “adult examination” by computer. If you pass the exam, you are acknowledged as adult… There was a spin-off from this “adult examination”, which is to produce a person with supernatural power!! They were called “Mu”. They secretly lived in a group, heading to the Earth for their peace, because they were eliminated by other humans. This is the story focused on those feud between human and Mu.

… As you can see by now, this story is quite well established. Honestly, it will take quite a long time to understand its setting(;^_^) However, you can feel so much reality in it!! The feelings of each characters are carefully described through the story, so sometimes I forgot it was a fiction(´v`)=3

Among all the characters, who interests me the most is Keith, from human side. He is a rival of Jommy (Mu), and can be described as Mu’s worst enemy. Clearly, he is nothing but obstructive human for Mu and their mission for the Earth. As most of the users support for Mu, I must say not much people would like him. I know I didn’t(;^_^) But once I finished and turned back the story, it just came up to me!! Keith was just a person who simply and purely a “human”. I think that it was only because he was a “human”, he could never accept the existence of Mu. Maybe for those who finished “Toward the Terra” could agree with me( ゚ ∀ ゚ )=3

In conclusion, “Toward the Terra” has such a great setting and characters that can surely satisfy you. It must be unavoidable story for SF fans. In addition, the endings of animation and the original are slightly different, so it is recommended to try both!!

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